Week In Review 14/52 –

What signs do you look for in your training as you get closer to your big race to let you know that you're on track? Do you look for anything else other than times? Do you go through and hope for the best on the day? My week in numbers: Monday - Rest, gentle mobility … Continue reading Week In Review 14/52 –


Week 7/52 – Turning A Corner

We can often go through periods in training where we don't seem to be seeing much in the way of progress but then all of a sudden, a glimpse of light appears at the end of tunnel. All because of a run that I didn't do. That would describe my week. My Week In Detail: … Continue reading Week 7/52 – Turning A Corner

Week In Review 6/52 – Eat, Sleep, Move, Repeat

In last week's post, I spoke about being careful about feeling down about not being where we should be or doing as much as others around us. I also think we should be careful about beating ourselves up over certain performances as we never know what's around the corner. Just because one run or one … Continue reading Week In Review 6/52 – Eat, Sleep, Move, Repeat

Week 5/52

We should never be overly concerned about our perceived lack of training as either we're comparing ourselves to someone who's doing much more than us (probably always has done) or to this mystical place where we should be around now or perhaps where we were this time last year. Firstly, our situation is just a … Continue reading Week 5/52