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Make Time for Magic

On Sunday I headed out for a run with a clear plan, my head said it wanted to do 10 miles so that's what I did. Well, actually I did 11 in the end but essentially the job was done. It wasn't the fastest I've ever run but I felt good and could've kept on… Continue reading Make Time for Magic


Putting the Pieces Together

It's 6 weeks today until my first race of the season and today's training run was a big step in the right direction. Today was my first pace training session of the year and started with a comfortable 10x4mins at Threshold Pace with 60 second recoveries. The actual pace of the drills was well off… Continue reading Putting the Pieces Together


Snow time like the present for a great run!

Today was meant to be just an average Saturday where I get a bonus short run from my studio to the North Inch for my Running Club session then usually home afterwards however, due to a bit of rescheduling, I ended up doing way more than I intended to and loved every minute of it!… Continue reading Snow time like the present for a great run!