The Unintended Run Streak – Week And A Bit In Review

I’ve never been bothered by doing a run streak before. I’ve seen lots of people do challenges like the Marcothon in December or R.E.D January but never seen any value in doing it personally. I fully respect everyone who attempts these challenges and understand the motivation doing them gives to people and if it helps … Continue reading The Unintended Run Streak – Week And A Bit In Review


Week In Review

Most people tend to write these kind of posts on Sundays to recap the week gone by but as I'm on holiday and struggle to remember what day of the week it is, I've decided to write it today as it's a week since we arrived in Florida on holiday. I find it hard to … Continue reading Week In Review

Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh 2018

Steve Bonthrone Personal Coach

How is it when an event that represented a major challenge the first time you did it all of a sudden becomes something you do? I had no expectations going into this race and as a result, felt fairly relaxed as I got up in the middle of the night to drive through to Edinburgh. … Continue reading Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh 2018

Training Update – 1 Week to 70.3

Isn't it strange when you sign up for a race months in advance yet it almost seems like just a few weeks have passed when the race comes around! It's been a while since my last training post and I've posted once about my training since I did the Stirling Marathon in April and that … Continue reading Training Update – 1 Week to 70.3

My Favourite Run

If someone was to ask you what your favourite run was and what made it your favourite, what would you say? I started to think about this to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay on the train to the Content Marketing Academy Live conference in Edinburgh a few days ago but didn't get it finished and also lost most … Continue reading My Favourite Run