One week to go

The week before a marathon (part of the taper) is usually about winding down and resting up later in the week to conserve energy for the big day. Sadly my job as a Personal Trainer doesn't allow too much rest although I'll do my best to keep my exercise to a minimum and get a … Continue reading One week to go


2 Weeks To Go!

Race day is drawing closer to the Loch Ness Marathon and I'm actually really looking forward to it! Normally I'd be starting to get a little nervous but then my preparation for this race hasn't been what I'd call normal. I headed out this morning to run 10 miles or so and chose a route … Continue reading 2 Weeks To Go!

Sun, sea and…..5k Races

It's that time of year I look forward to most, going away on holiday and a break from the normal routine, well almost. I'm pretty rubbish at taking holidays, it has to be said, as the last time I had a break was this time last year. The thing is, I love what I do … Continue reading Sun, sea and…..5k Races