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The Forgotten 10k

Picture the scene, you're having a chat with a fellow runner who tells you about a 10k race he's entered and you remember how good the race was having done it a couple of times before. You then go away, think more about how good the race is and think it would be good to… Continue reading The Forgotten 10k

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Loch Ness Marathon 2017

There's something magical about the Loch Ness Marathon that makes me want to come back every year. The scenery? Without a doubt! The organisation and support? Definitely. The likelihood that I'm some sort of masochist to enjoy those hills? Probably! When you're surrounded by hills as I am in Perthshire and hard to find a… Continue reading Loch Ness Marathon 2017


The Benefits of Running To Deal With Grief And Bereavement

One of the most popular themes I've had discussions on between my posts and in the chat hours from the UKRunChat community on Twitter has been the benefits of 'chatting' to my late parents while out running. Indeed, I received an email from a friend on Friday who told me her friend had mentioned she… Continue reading The Benefits of Running To Deal With Grief And Bereavement