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Week 5/52

We should never be overly concerned about our perceived lack of training as either we're comparing ourselves to someone who's doing much more than us (probably always has done) or to this mystical place where we should be around now or perhaps where we were this time last year. Firstly, our situation is just a… Continue reading Week 5/52

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January Review

Ok so last year (and almost every year before that) I set some goals and didn't bother to check them again until the end of the year when I went back to see how I'd managed them and if I was successful or not. Indeed, when I wrote my review post for 2017, that was… Continue reading January Review

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Week In Review – 4/52 – Always Learning

This has been a good week all said and done. There are always opportunities to learn and do better and sometimes our toughest challenge creates the greatest learning and can be the difference in guiding us closer to our goals. This week, I managed: Monday - Mobility Tuesday - 4 miles Wednesday - Mobility Thursday… Continue reading Week In Review – 4/52 – Always Learning