My Favourite Run

If someone was to ask you what your favourite run was and what made it your favourite, what would you say? I started to think about this to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay on the train to the Content Marketing Academy Live conference in Edinburgh a few days ago but didn't get it finished and also lost most … Continue reading My Favourite Run


Back To It

It's great to take some time off after a marathon to celebrate your achievements and most of all, let the body recover, but at some point you have to get back training again. It's important to have another race to look forward to, and train for, especially when it involves other disciplines you haven't already … Continue reading Back To It

Week In Review 13/52 – Everything Coming Together

The closer we get to a big race such as a marathon, we can start to get a bit nervous and wonder if we're doing enough or if we're anywhere near the target we have set ourselves. It depends on what that target is but we can get a sign that we're actually closer to … Continue reading Week In Review 13/52 – Everything Coming Together