Week In Review

Most people tend to write these kind of posts on Sundays to recap the week gone by but as I’m on holiday and struggle to remember what day of the week it is, I’ve decided to write it today as it’s a week since we arrived in Florida on holiday.

I find it hard to believe that it’s just 10 days or so since I took part in Ironman Edinburgh 70.3 yet a lot has happened since then. The Monday and Tuesday after the race was spent working to fit in client sessions before we left then it was up early on the Wednesday to head to the airport. I smiled as we passed through security as that’s when I can fully switch off and begin to look forward to the trip ahead. I was soooo tired in the lead up to going that I spent the first leg to the journey from Edinburgh to Newark sleeping. I fell asleep as soon as we sat down as I don’t recall hearing all the safety announcements.

We had a race through immigration at Newark to make our connecting flight only to discover that we would be late in leaving due to some French passengers who were also held up and the airline weren’t able to fit them on a later flight. When you fly on the 4th July, or around it as we often do, it’s common for immigration to be busy and there be fewer officers on duty but it always strikes me as odd when you have several people taking time off for the 4th July, the Americans don’t appear to think it a good idea to cover their shifts.

First morning saw our traditional early morning run at 6.30, which is a bit of a shock to the system after the majority of the previous day spent traveling. The run was fine but was then followed by another favourite, a trip to IHOP for breakfast! Braw!

1st Day IHOP breakfast, let the holiday begin!

Even though I’m meant to be on holiday and resting my body after my swim/bike/run adventure, I do enjoy my early morning runs here in Florida. There’s something special about getting up early, going for a run then coming back for a dip in the pool before breakfast. I look forward to lying in the sun for the rest of the day, or whatever we have planned for doing.

I went out on Friday for a run to the park, around a mile from the house, to film a video of a couple of exercises and resisted the temptation to have a shot on the swings. I still needed to get a 30min  run in to get my 8 points for my health insurance from Vitality so I did a random loop before heading home.

On Saturday, we kept up tradition from home and went to parkrun at Clermont. It’s nice to be able to go to another part of the world and still enjoy the benefits of the weekly run as we do at home. We visited last year and it’s nice to be able to do this alongside Allison and her Dad. The course is an out-and-back on the banks of Lake Minneola and along a bit from where we used to come for Cool Summer Mornings 5k. I went off at a steady pace, watching as lots of people went tanking off at the start then catching many of them just half a mile later! It wasn’t until I was on my way back when my body reminded me it was still tired from the Ironman 70.3 and I started to slow down. This is the same spot where I normally feel the humidity kicking in and the reminder that I wasn’t in Scotland but it wasn’t as humid as normal so all good.

Not a bad view from near the start area


The rest of Saturday was spent lying in the sun (after we had been to IHOP for breakfast again) trying to get rid of the Tri suit tan I had developed over the last few weeks and catching up on reading Swim, Bike, Run, the story of the Brownlee Brothers. I overdid it as my back and backs of legs were rather red later. On Sunday I managed another 30min run in before breakfast and a trip to Disney Springs. I like going there largely for visiting Ghirardelli’s for an ice cream and Dockside Marina for a frozen Margarita. We did eat pizza at Blaze and visited a few shops so it wasn’t all about eating and drinking. Well, ok, so it was mostly eating and drinking with a visit to a shop in between!

Pizza for lunch
The Ghirardelli Challenge, get ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl and eat before it all melts
Frozen Margaritas from Dockside Marina

Disaster struck as along with the sunburn, I developed a heat rash that covered most of my body and by the end of the day, made my eyes puffy as well. Monday’s run consisted of visiting the local supermarket to get some after sun lotion then to the pharmacy nearby to get antihistamine tablets and spend the rest of the day in the shade.

On Tuesday we headed out on a different route around the estate and I decided to have a stab at beating my best time on one of the Strava segments in the area. It’s an out and back route and actually only decided to have a go at it as got closer to the starting point. My body felt good so as soon as I got closer, I picked up my knees and went for it. I didn’t check my watch before I started but Lose Myself by Eminem came on so I had that to measure against, trying to finish the run before the song finished. Turns out, I beat my previous best by 5 seconds and moved into 6th place in the all-time leaderboard.

My favourite place post-run

Yesterday’s run had more of a purpose as I decided to have a crack at 2 other segments and managed PRs on both of them! While I’m a good bit behind the overall leaders in all of the segments, there’s definitely a chance to improve my times further over the next week.

The main thing I’ve got from my first week is I’ve caught up on a lot of sleep I’ve been needing, I’m enjoying the days of relaxation and fun things we’ve been doing and I’m loving my running again. I hadn’t lost it but I feel like I’ve got back into a rhythm again without the immediate pressure of a race and despite those Strava segments, I’ve been enjoying my runs for the simple purpose of running and an activity to do before breakfast.

Do you run while on holiday? Do you ‘just’ run or do you use them as part of your training for a race?


5 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. I too am on holiday and I’m not running at all! We’ve been doing a lot of water sports instead. I feel like I need an annual break from running to not run myself into the ground. Very impressive all of the running you’ve done in florida though – it’s so hot there!


  2. Ah wow! Where are you? Water sports sounds like great fun! I normally like to switch off and have a total break on holiday, especially as I’m exhausted coming into it. I still wake up at 6am anyway so going for a run seems the best option before everyone else wakes up and also the easy pace helps. I’m still enjoying every other aspect of being on holiday – eating and drinking all the wrong things and too much of it! The bonus of the early morning run is that if we’re not out doing stuff, I spend the rest of the day lying by the pool. Enjoy the rest of your holiday 🙂


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