Week In Review 12/52 – 5 Weeks To Go!

There’s nothing that sharpens the mind more than the realisation that your target race is only a few weeks away when it only seems like yesterday you started your training plan! Curiously, my thoughts are more focused on changing certain aspects of my life I know will make my running better than the need to step up my training for a fear that I haven’t done enough!

My week in numbers:

Monday – Rest/Mobility

Tuesday – 5.1 miles

Wednesday – Rest/Mobility

Thursday – 3.1 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – parkrun

Sunday – 16.3 miles

Total miles: 27.6

On Tuesday, I decided to change my route after seeing a glorious sky at sunrise last week and decided to run towards where my old studio used to be and where I used to enjoy the most amazing sunrises on my way to work every day. This was nice and a bit hillier than my usual route and so might just switch between this route and my other regular route going forward.

Sunrise view on my run

Monday and Wednesday have been filled with ideas and inspiration as I’m making the transition from being a Personal Trainer to a Personal Coach as I offer much more than fitness training and this feels like an exciting step for me. I’m lucky in that my running has helped me process thoughts about the journey ahead for me.

It’s a hard life

Thursday was a little different in that I was asked to take a group of guests out running from Gleneagles Hotel. I used to teach classes there regularly and get asked to do this from time to time and it’s such a nice place to run. They have a 5km route that starts by the main entrance to the hotel and goes around the golf course and back to the entrance again. The great thing is you get amazing views regardless of whether you run this route clockwise or anti-clockwise although it would be pretty special to run it anti-clockwise so that you get a greater view of the sunrise ahead of you. I’m so lucky to be asked to do this. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it I suppose.

Saturday was a rare treat in that we decided to do some parkrun tourism by visiting the St Andrews run at Craigtoun Park. We had gone to Malmaison in Dundee for a treat on Friday and having done Camperdown parkrun a few times (all on New Years Day), we decided to try St Andrews. It’s funny as the last few times we’ve stayed in a hotel, it’s been the night before a race and while we had no race this time, we managed to turn our night away into a pre-run event!

Craigtoun Park

The run was really good and a great atmosphere too! It was 3 laps of the park on mostly gravel path. The whole visit was rather nostalgic for me as I recall visiting the park when I was much younger, possibly on a primary school trip but I couldn’t think what was significant about it but then I saw the following sign. They have a mini railway running around the park!

Beware of the train! Brought back some childhood memories

PB Alert!

I felt I was running well through the first lap and the second but then I felt the heaviness of my breakfast coming back on me and while I didn’t feel sick, I could feel myself slowing down. I still finished in 19:39, my fastest time of the year so far and while it wasn’t a PB, it was a course PB and I’m taking it! Top tip, even though it’s tempting, don’t overload your plate at breakfast when by the time you’re eating it is getting closer to an hour before the start of the run! I had a bowl of fruit with some yoghurt but it was quite a big bowl.

Managed to bump into a friend, Allen Marr

Today’s run was a bit of a let’s go out and see what I feel like doing kind of effort. While I slept well, I still felt a bit tired when I woke up but soon perked up before I set off. I went out with the idea of doing 2 miles warm up then 2 miles faster than marathon target pace followed by 2 miles at a steady pace and I would do as many reps as I could fit in to the distance I would run. I initially thought 20 but wasn’t really in the frame of mind to do that then though about 14 but as I ran another lap of the North Inch, I settled on 16 miles although the last 2 miles would be faster ones and they’d also be uphill. Great!

Nice to see the sun and blue skies again!

I was really pleased that all but the last 2 faster miles were under 7min/miles and so my form work and my training have been paying off. I felt 16 was enough for me today and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of training. I’m planning on getting better sleep, eating better, resting better and being more specific in my mobility work as I know they will improve the quality of my runs and will help me come race day. The best tweaks you can make to improve your running don’t have to be solely fixed to running!

How’s your training going? When’s your target race?


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