The Forgotten 10k

Picture the scene, you’re having a chat with a fellow runner who tells you about a 10k race he’s entered and you remember how good the race was having done it a couple of times before. You then go away, think more about how good the race is and think it would be good to use that race as one to keep you ticking over as you head into the winter months having completed your races for the year. You wake up the next morning, go to the race site to enter, login to your account, hit the ‘Enter Now’ button only to be met with the message ‘Sorry, you can only have one entry in the race’. Eh?

I surely can’t be the only one who’s signed up for a race and completely forgotten about it? Is this a sign of age or poor memory? I admit to forgetting some things like what my wife’s just asked me to do but how do you forget a race that you’ve entered? It’s not as if I do lots of races every year, usually less than 10, so it should be easy to remember what you’re to be doing in your race calendar, right?

I suppose we should print off entry confirmations once we’ve entered and keep it somewhere safe or put it in the diary or on a calendar for the next years races. It would appear that I entered the Men’s 10k race in Edinburgh straight after completing last year’s race when there was an early bird discount and can only assume I thought it was a long time in the future so no need to do anything about it.

At that stage, the only race I had signed up for in 2017 was the Paris Marathon and it would be a month later before I signed up for the Ironman 70.3 and a while before signing up for the Devil of Deeside, Inverness Half Marathon and all the other races I’ve done this year. Never mind this year, I had signed up for this before I signed up for the 2016 Santa Dash!

It’s obvious that I was distracted by all these other events I’ve done this year and understandable that I could forget about one race and I’m in no way using them as an excuse (much).

Have you entered a race and forgotten all about it? If so, what prompted you to remember about it?


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