Sometimes your week in training can be summed up by one thing and it’s this, the knee drive. I mentioned the knee drive a couple of weeks ago when I decided I would be focusing on developing it along with my cadence but have since ditched the latter as I’ve come to realise that it’s largely a waste of time, is something happens as a result of doing other things. Since stopping focusing on it, my cadence hasn’t actually changed in the runs I’ve done since!

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about with regards the knee drive, check out my video in the clip below:

What’s pleasing is that now I’m able to maintain form for longer in every run and this was highlighted on Tuesday when I ran 6 miles and felt like I was the strongest I’ve been for a long time. I followed that up with another km interval session, this time going for 10 x 1km with 90 seconds recoveries. When I did this a few weeks ago, I focused on my knee drive and cadence but this time, I just focused on my knee drive. What was interesting was that my cadence here matched my cadence from the previous session even though I paid no attention to it while I was running.

You always need a test to measure your progress and it’s important that test should be relative to your goal. I use Parkrun for this purpose. It’s a great place to test yourself against some good runners, get better at pacing your runs, get used to running in crowds if you’re training for your first big event and also good for helping find the best pre-run breakfast that works well for you, especially if you have a big race coming up. Since starting working on my knee drive, my times are getting better on a weekly basis and have dropped from 20:45 in late June to 19:19 yesterday.

I had another opportunity to practice it today as I took part in the Relay Wild Triathlon event hosted by Perth Tri Club. I’ve been doing this every year now for a few years and while the run section is only around 1km, I simply focused on driving with my knees along with my arms and it allowed me to storm round in 4mins 46secs, catching and passing the only person who I briefly saw on the bike section and was a good distance ahead of me when I started the run.

My fellow team members and our lucky mascot

Overall, I’m delighted with the progress I’m making and now the target is getting longer runs in and being able to hold that form for longer.

How’s your training? Have you tried working on improving your form?



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