Top tip, don’t take a couple of weeks off in your training and expect the same kind of performance, or better, as the last session when you head out. You soon discover that your body isn’t up to it! Now that I’ve put that to the test, hopefully you won’t make that same mistake!

You may be wondering what happened to last weekend’s post but I was away on a course and didn’t write one. Besides, I had been on two different courses over 4 days and didn’t get much training done so it wouldn’t have been much of a post anyway. I decided to take those days as rest.

This week was to be about getting back into training again and got a 4 miles run in on Tuesday morning and followed it up with an open water swim at Lochore on Wednesday evening but that was about it until this weekend. The run was ok and the swim was significantly better than the previous attempt but I’m aware I’ve not been as consistent with my swimming lately and so for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be getting back to the pool again.

With Saturday mornings now becoming my long run days, I ran down to Parkrun and to see a PT client before it. We normally run between 2-3 miles in our training session but yesterday was just over a mile as I’m helping my client build more quality into her runs again. I raced Parkrun and was much happier with the quality of my run than I have been of late and would say it’s the best I’ve felt running there in a few weeks. I headed straight home again to take my tally for the day to over 8 miles.

I was up early this morning to get out on my brick session with the intention of repeating my last one of 60 miles on the bike then 4 miles run. I started off well enough but the ride didn’t feel as smooth as last time and there was something not quite right about the performance – the bike’s as well as mine. I decided to cut out the Loch Leven loop and headed back home. This still gave me 47 miles so I didn’t lose too much. The bike will be in for a service this week and with some good training, I should be looking for a good last session next week.

What I felt like I was cycling on today

A quick transition in my shed and I was out for my run. I decided to extend my run to 10k, partly to make up for the reduction on the ride, partly as I need to run further anyway come race day. I wanted to run to feel and felt pretty comfortable most of the way but by this time it was pretty warm and could’ve done with some water. I had drunk what was left in my bottles before I came out on my run and took a gel early on but needed more as the run wore on. I’ve already started to think ahead to my fuelling strategy for the race and will likely have 3 gels and an energy bar on the ride and 3 gels to take every 4 miles on the run along with some drinks to take in transition. This is what my body is telling me it wants/needs anyway and I’ll have one more big training session next week to try it before the big day. I’ve even thought of the exercises I will be doing at the end of each discipline to ensure a swift transition so I’m probably more organised for this race than most marathons I run!

How my run appeared thanks to Strava!

How’s your training going? What’s the most interesting you’ve learned about yourself/your training that you didn’t know before?


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