We all like to just get our shoes on, get out the door, switch our brains off and let our legs do what they do best but what happens when all of a sudden we lose our mojo and find it struggle to summon up the enthusiasm to get going at all? Here are my tips to help you find it and fall in love with running again.

  1. Switch off your Garmin or cover it up and just run. With the amount of data we have available, it can be easy to become a slave to try running at a certain pace or distance or become obsessed with our splits. If we’re not getting quicker, this can set us back or demotivate us.
  2. Remember why we love running. Many of us get into the habit of doing the same runs on certain days at the same distance/pace and this can get a bit dull if we’re not getting variety in the distances, terrain or pace. If we lose focus from this, our runs may end up feeling like a chore. If this is the case, remember the reasons why you run, think of how you would describe your passion for running if a stranger were to ask. With that thought in mind, go run and recreate it.
  3. Enter a race. Sometimes we can lose our mojo when we’ve nothing to train for. This often happens after we start running again after a race that we spent months training for but now have no clear direction. Having a race can help us regain our focus, a purpose that we can work towards.

    I suspect there are many more reasons why we lose our motivation for running but these three tips cover the reasons I hear most people talk about when they tell me about their struggles.

    Have you lost your motivation to run before? How did you get it back?


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