When you’ve got a Half Marathon at the end of the week, do you ease off in training or carry on as normal as you’ve got a marathon the following week? It’s a good job I went with the latter as things didn’t really turn out to favour resting!

This is my usual rest day although I did cycle to my studio in the morning and home again at lunchtime as I didn’t need the car until the afternoon.

My usual 7am client was away this week and so I thought I could squeeze in a speed session and was in the mood for revisiting a workout I did in the build up to Inverness Half, which was a mile warm up then 2 miles fast followed by 2 miles recovery and do that twice. It felt great to be doing it again and managed 6:24, 6:41, 6:45 and 6:49 in the fast miles. My slow miles were a lot slower than they were when I did them last but I finished the run feeling like it was the best run I’ve had since that great day in Inverness. Positive steps! I also cycled down to the studio before I went for the run and cycled home again so felt pretty smug with myself getting all that in.

I needed the car to visit clients out of town so no run or cycle rides today. I actually missed the bike today!

I got up early and went for a 4 mile run, revisiting my staple weekday run from January/February and setting me up for the day that ended up vastly different from what I had imagined when I woke up! The car was due for its service and so I put my bike in the back as I wouldn’t get the car back until late afternoon and realised I had a haircut appointment 15mins after a client session and I wouldn’t be able to run it that quickly! I had a busy morning, cycled as hard as I could into town only arriving a few minutes late but still earlier than I would’ve done had I tried to drive. All in all, I had 6 cycle trips that afternoon as I got a call to say that the car needed a couple of jobs done and would need to keep it in overnight. The trips included a 4 mile trip all uphill to teach a class, onto my running club session (downhill all the way but into a headwind) then cycle home again. My watch said I had taken 23,038 steps, covered 30.9 miles and burned 3898 calories. Not a bad day’s effort really.

Again without car and so I only managed 4 cycle trips to and from work, a couple of 1 mile runs to see a client and the other to go and collect the car. All short trips but a good effort all the same. Picked up the car, drove home for a quick change then we were off to Glasgow as Allison had got us tickets for a Take That concert.

Top tip, going to see a concert the night before a Half Marathon is not a good idea or conducive to running a fast time! We had got home late and I was up again for a client session at 8.30am. Felt as tired when I woke up as I did when I went to bed the night before so knew a PB was going to be unlikely. Tiredness kicked in, in the second half of the Loch Leven Half Marathon along with a recurrence of the hamstring/pelvis problem I had back in March. Bugger. Not the maiden performance in a Perth Roadrunners vest I had envisaged! I managed to speed up and ignore the niggles in the last couple of miles partially thanks to some Haribo I was offered at the last drinks station and finished in a respectable 1:38. It was safe to say the rest of the day was a right off.

Zero, nil, nothing. No running, cycling, swimming or other type of movement associated with sport or exercise was carried out today unless you count walking round the supermarket doing shopping? Decided to have a total rest and it was amazing to go to bed on Saturday night, not set the alarm for this morning and be able to lie in. I still woke up at 7.30am but I had managed over 9hrs sleep so I wasn’t too upset.

Having the rest day has helped me re-evaluate my training, my goals, made a big decision (more of that in my next post) and start to look ahead. Today has been lazy in the physical sense but a very powerful one in another sense.

When was the last time you took a rest day instead of a training day and did it on purpose?


4 thoughts on “My Week In Training

  1. Running a half on Saturday. Have been working out all week and was planning on my last strength train and short run on Thursday, then resting up Friday. I posted my plan on another site with lots of runners and many of them suggested I take Thursday AND Friday off. What do you think? I’m not a fast runner at all–running about 25 miles a week at close to a 9min/mile pace. Looking to run under 2 hours for the first time on Saturday. Appreciate any thoughts!


  2. I would rest Thursday and go for a short run on Friday at an easy pace. It will help loosen your legs off for your Half. There’s no need to do strength training on Thursday as it won’t make any positive difference to your performance on Saturday. Good luck for the race and let me know how you get on! 🙂

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