When you’re back in training after one big event and you’ve got another two coming up in the next couple of months, it’s fairly sensible to enter another two marathons, right? I suppose I got excited on Monday morning, entered Loch Ness Marathon then doubled it up by entering the ballot for London. That was after winning a place in the Manchester Half Marathon in October in a competition through UKRunChat at the end of their chat hour on Sunday night so all good things do come in 3’s don’t they? It’ll be the first time I have entered the ballot since 2011 so I’m not sure if I’m ready for my nerves to be tested come October!

I decided to rest on Monday after last weekend’s efforts and got up early on Tuesday to get a run in. For some reason, my Garmin lost signal and recorded my first mile around 200m further on from where it normally registers on the route I used to do every morning earlier in the year. It was to be an easy-paced run and actually, it was nice to get out.

I didn’t get a run in on Wednesday but I did cycle back and forward to work, which was nice. I had a few days where I didn’t need the car for work and so I repeated the commute on Friday.

Fatigue has been a bit of a concern this week after last Sunday’s attempt at speedwork and I had thought about revisiting a speed session I was doing in the build up to Paris on Thursday morning but procrastination lead me to go out early afternoon and did 6 miles instead. This was a concern and something I have to address going forward.

On Saturday, I decided to cycle to and from Parkrun for the extra fitness, and both journeys were great but I was a little disappointed with my performance in the run. I started off brightly but faded in mile 2 and felt like I had no energy in mile 3. I was happy with my time of 19:47 but the tiredness in the legs worried me. Getting up at 4.30am to watch the Nike Breaking 2 project probably didn’t help!

An early night and a reasonable lie in meant I actually felt reasonably fresh going into today’s run. I decided to do 10 miles and go for every 3rd mile faster and this worked pretty well with times of 6:59 and 7:13 in the first two faster miles feeling pretty good. I had gone on my trusted 10 mile route and had stopped at the traffic lights, waiting to get across the road when I bumped into my running mate Graeme, who I haven’t run with in weeks. He was heading out where I had just come from and so I decided to join him on his run. I thought it would be good for me to get more miles in with the small matter of the Stirling Marathon coming up in 2 weeks! The most important thing was that it was great to catch up with Graeme again and that helped a lot as there is no way I would even have considered doing that on my own! After I left Graeme, I had just over a mile to go to get home and this brought me up to 15 miles. Bonus!

Reflecting on the week, I would say that the quantity has definitely been better than the quality of the runs and so this is something I will be reviewing ahead of the coming week’s training. I’ve not been doing as much mobility work in the past couple of weeks so that will be a priority, along with a couple of necessary tweaks to my diet and generally improving the quality of my rest. If I can get that right then I should start to see an improvement in the quality of my runs.

How’s your training going? What’s up next?


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