Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It only seems like a week or two ago that I stepped up my training for Paris and it’s within touching distance! Well, actually, at the time of writing this, I’ve already done it. I wanted to write this towards the end of last week but excitement and nerves meant that I had the attention span of a small child with a sugar rush.

Here’s how last week unfolded:

I get asked to cover a class from time to time at Gleneagles Hotel, which is only 16 miles away for me and on this occasion, I was asked if I could take one of their guests out running as she was training for a marathon and so I did. I discovered that Gina is training for London, her first marathon, and needed someone to help her with a couple of her training runs and so I was happy to pass on some tips to prepare her for her marathon and also distract her every time she asked if she could stop and walk to find out if she really needed to stop. She didn’t stop and sprinted when we finished our 90min run!

I met up with Gina again but this time for a shorter run and worked on a few things like visualisation to get her mind ready for the challenge. I always visualise the finish I want in every race then work back the way and so I wanted her to be able to do the same and that way she’ll find it easier to pace. Gina responded really well to this and she told me at the end of our session that she was feeling a lot happier and more excited about the race. That was nice to hear 🙂

Mobility day. I’ve been working on mobility exercises for my pelvis and these have been working as I didn’t feel my hamstrings at all in either of the runs. I know the hamstrings weren’t actually the problem, it’s just that I was feeling the discomfort there.

Busy day at work so very little time for exercise, not like I was going to be able to do much anyway at this stage that would make any difference other than mobility work.

Travel. I had a couple of early PT appointments then it was home, quick change then drive to the airport. We went straight to Registration and the Expo when we arrived so that was pretty good. It’s always nice to get that done quickly so we can relax on the Saturday.

Breakfast Run! More to follow in a dedicated post but one of my favourite features of the Paris Marathon is the Breakfast Run, an event where the focus is on bringing people together for a fun jog and make new friends. Essentially, what running is all about.


Race day! Again, I’ll go into more detail in another post but all I’ll say just now is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running, you always learn something from every race that ultimately makes you a better runner. I didn’t quite hit my target of sub 3:15, I had given that up as an outside chance at best as I was aware that my lack of quality runs over the last few weeks meant a loss of relative fitness. I thought I might still get under 3:30 but had to settle for 3:48 and was actually just happy to finish the race!

The surprising thing for me this week as that I didn’t manage to fit in a swim and I missed it! I’m happy though as I was pretty good with the mobility exercise I needed to do to help my pelvis and it worked as well as I could have hoped as I only started to feel any discomfort from mile 16 onwards.

This coming week will be about getting some quality rest along with continuing my mobility work so I can recover quicker and get back to running at my best again soon.

How’s your training week been? How do you deal with the build up to a race?


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