It’s nice to listen to music to get us ready for a run or to keep us going during a run so I thought it would be good to share some tunes that we can add to our playlist, maybe songs by artists we wouldn’t normally listen to or simply tunes we’d forgotten about. The main purpose being hopefully we can inspire each other with our music selections and why we’ve chosen them.

Sometimes you can’t beat a good full on tune with some great lyrics to inspire you and reach for another gear during a run. To me, lyrics make for a great running song as you can get the words in your head and sing them over and over when you need to.

A few weeks back I selected Propane Nightmares by Pendulum as it was number 1 in my Top 25 most played list in iTunes. This song is number 2. Pendulum seem to be one of the few artists who could churn out top workout tracks yet not really make it as a top mainstream artist.

I heard this song the other day on the radio when a listener picked this song as her top workout track and it reminded me how good it was. The track? It’s Watercolour by Pendulum featuring the empowering lyrics:

Feed the fire
Break the vision
Throw your fists up
Come on with me


What’s in your top 5 tunes to run to ?


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