A week to go! The time when the excitement builds then the nerves kick in. On a daily basis. The excitement is certainly starting to build and I’m looking forward to heading across to Paris on Friday and the weekend that awaits. This has been another week of frustration with the niggly hamstring and a snotty cold getting in the way of what I should have been doing around now.

Monday has been a rest day so far apart from a 5k jog with a PT client but I still value this as much as a run at my own pace, especially just now with my troublesome hamstring. I decided to head to the pool in the afternoon and churned out 1500m, the furthest I’ve ever swam! Not only that, I did it solely in the front crawl which used to be my nemesis until about a month ago. I’ve been doing my swims in 100m intervals with random periods of recovery. I should really limit my rest periods. Next time. Maybe.

I had a late start at work so headed down to the pool just after 7am and managed another 1500m, this time 39 seconds faster than the day before. I’m getting better at this swimming malarkey! I was expecting the pool to be busy but it wasn’t too bad. I suspect being in the same lanes as some quick swimmers and in the next lane to Olympic Silver Medallist, Stephen Milne, inspired me to swim faster! It’s fantastic to be able to watch someone at that level up close and pick up some tips along the way. Sadly, he floats faster than I can swim!

Stephen Milne – how I think I look when I swim

Hamstring was niggling a bit today so went to see Lorna the Physiotherapist who’s my next door neighbour at the business centre where my PT studio is. I needed her to have a look and get a professional diagnosis. Lorna spotted that my pelvis was tilted and I suspect this has been pulling on my hamstring. I’ve been aware of this before without feeling it in my leg and the exercise Lorna recommended is trying to pull the tailbone through, lifting the pelvis up the way, which should help it settle into a better position. It’s a variation on an exercise I do regularly anyway so have been happy to focus on that one aspect. I’ve been doing it several times a day since and while the problem hasn’t disappeared, I’m able to do more before I feel any discomfort.

I don’t even recognise myself anymore! I finished an early PT session with a client and thought I could nip across to the pool and get a swim in before the training pool closed and managed 625m in the 20 minutes I had. That’s 3 swims in one week! I can’t recall ever doing that apart from when I was a kid but then I was more interested in the flumes. For years I’ve stuck to the breaststroke and now I can’t imagine myself going back to that!

Rest day and apart from some mobility work, not much else.

I put myself down to volunteer at Parkrun again. While there’s no risk of damaging the hamstrings, I decided to rest, do my exercise while I was standing by the finish line. The good thing about the exercises is that the movement is very subtle and so can do it anywhere without getting any funny looks. I was bored in the afternoon, and in need of some steps, so I walked down to the pool for a swim. I ‘just’ did 800m but the first 3 sets of 100m were at a pace faster than I’ve ever swam before. Incredible!

I needed to get a run in today, partly because I hadn’t run since last Sunday but I wanted to test the leg. I managed 8.5 miles in total with only a minor grumble from the hamstring, which is fantastic and felt like the best run I’ve had since Inverness Half. The first 3 miles were all around target pace for Paris (sub 7:23) but then the pace slowed. I couldn’t decide if that was from the head cold I’ve got or the loss of fitness from the lack of running.

8.5 pain-free miles! Progress!

To Paris next week. I’m not sure about hitting my target time (sub 3.15) and will likely leave that for Stirling in May. Next week will be about feeling in control of my pace and see what happens. It may turn out to be a 26.2 mile training run but you never know!

How’s your training going? Any races coming up?


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