This is probably going to be the shortest post of the whole program as I haven’t done very much!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Run Club

Friday – 925m Swim

Saturday – Parkrun, 1300m Swim

Sunday – 12 miles

I woke up on Monday morning with a cold and so decided to take it easy that day apart from a walk and did the same on Tuesday. While my cold was restricted to my head and would’ve been safe to run, I could sense that a cough was waiting to develop in my chest and so I rested a bit longer to get rid of it. I know plenty people will continue to train regardless but I prefer to rest and get rid of it quickly as there’s always that threat that continuing to train can prolong the symptoms.

I’ve been working every evening so didn’t manage to join Perth Road Runners on Tuesday but then I was still in rest mode. It wasn’t until Thursday before I managed any form of exercise other than demonstrate exercises with clients and put this little workout together:

I had my Run Club session and this was Week 5 so the guys had to run a mile to repeat what they did in Week 1 and measure improvements. I decided to join them myself and ran between last and first. By the time I made the move, there was a good distance and so I had to go for it in order to get to the finish line before the leader so that was a good workout! The guys improved their mile times by an average of 30 seconds each and so that was another boost!

Friday was another rest day but then I decided to go for a swim in the afternoon. With a Half Ironman just a few months away, I’m in dire need of training and I surprised myself with 925m doing the crawl. I’ve only recently started practicing it so to do that was great!

Saturday was Parkrun day and I wasn’t holding out much hope of a repeat of last week’s 18:57 time and 5k PB and I was proved right with a time of 19.23. Its funny, I look on that now as a slow run but a year ago, that would’ve been a massive PB for me!

Today’s run was a total contrast from last week with my 12 miles taking nearly 15 minutes longer to complete last week’s 13.1! My body felt tired before I went out and still not fully recovered from the cold I had at the beginning of the week. I felt like it had gone into my chest but without the cough and while the first 3-4 miles were good, mile 5 was terrible and I was all for turning round and heading home except that I was on a loop and it was nearly as easy to keep on going as it would have been to turn around. I kept going with the plan to stick at a steady, comfortable rhythm no matter the pace but even that felt like hard work and I found myself walking a couple of times, once up a steep hill I would normally run up no problem then again a few hundred yards later.

Listening to Marathon Talk podcast kept me going and while I had previously thought of adding extra loops to the run if I felt good, I just wanted to get home and at least that would be 12 miles. I walked for short bits another twice before I got home. That was tough and actually felt like I had run 20 miles! My legs felt more tired today than they did last week when I raced!

It does show though that you don’t always get the same level of performance and it’s important not to take the bad days to heart, even when it gets so close to the marathon, as they’re never true reflections on your training as a whole. Time to rest well and do some more mobility work this week and go for a longer run next weekend and a two-week taper.

How’s your training going?



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