It’s always nice to listen to music to get us ready for a run or to keep us going during a run so I thought it would be nice to share some tunes that we can maybe add to our playlist, maybe songs by artists we wouldn’t normally listen to or simply tunes we’d forgotten about. The main purpose being hopefully we can inspire each other with our music selections and why we’ve chosen them.

This week’s choice is a damn good song with almost the perfect lyrics for a great run. The perfect song to listen to when you need a boost and it’s impossible not to speed up while this is on.

The song is called Louder by DJ Fresh featuring Sian Evans and I would imagine that you’ve already got this on your playlist. It’s hard to pick out some lyrics from this one as they’re all good but I particularly like:

It’s gonna get louder
We’re gonna get stronger
We’re gonna feel better
You can’t tame this energy inside
I gotta reach higher
I wanna burn like a fire
Gotta move faster
You can’t tame this energy inside

Then simply “faster, louder, stronger, better, faster, louder, better, you can’t tame this energy inside” as the music builds up towards the end to guarantee a sprint finish.


What song do you always turn to when you need that final boost in a run?


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