Woo hoo! It’s that time when the excitement of the upcoming race starts to build…..and so do the nerves, you know, the ones where you go from being super-confident to feeling that you’re so far off your target pace. I think that if you’re feeling the latter, there’s still time to make that up. That’s how I’m feeling and I know I’ve got plenty time to make a difference but at the same time, I know I’m not far away from where I want to be.

This week has seen a couple of tweaks from what I’ve been doing:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 8 miles

Wednesday – cycle commute to work (3.4 miles each way)

Thursday – cycle commute to work (3.4 miles each way), Technique Drills with Running Group

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Parkrun

Sunday – 20 miles

As the mileage is increasing, the rest days are becoming more important to me so I can get more quality out of my runs. I’m still walking everyday and have my Metafit class on Mondays as well as demonstrating exercises to clients so I’m not exactly doing nothing. I am making time to do my own mobility exercises and these are helping me recover quicker.

On Tuesday, I had an early finish and decided to join Perth Road Runners for a training run. I wanted to do a decent distance at pace and found it useful to run with others. It was a good run, a nice 8 miles with a couple of hills to tackle (it’s hard to run anywhere in Perth without encountering a hill at some point) and while it wasn’t as fast as I thought it might be, it was still valuable as I felt comfortable the whole way, felt like I could’ve speeded up at any point and to be able to maintain that pace over the longer distance could lead me to my 3:15 target for Paris.

The long run on Tuesday meant that I shelved my regular Wednesday run with 2 miles fast, 2 miles recoveries but I did cycle to and from work as the weather appears to be getting better and I also had my Metafit class in the evening. My route to work involves the first mile uphill with the other two either flat or downhill and not gradual hills either! It’s great fun on the way there but on the way back, it’s 2 miles of mostly uphill before the downhill blast. On Thursday, I tried going a different way, a flatter route that was flatter but I actually preferred the hilly route and will follow that more often in the future.

On Thursday night, I treated my Run Faster group to some technique drills with back mobility exercises using a broomstick and some hopping drills using an agility ladder and some hurdles. This is quite a challenging workout and I joined in as well as I know how effective it is. The result? Everyone noticed how much lighter they felt, how springier their foot strikes were and how much looser their backs felt. Always good to hear.

Friday has become another rest day with some mobility work thrown in. With consecutive runs on Saturday & Sunday, I find Fridays to be good to rest so they can be ready to perform the next day. It was pacers day at Perth Parkrun anyway and I ran 25 minute pace again so that was quite nice to do. I crossed the line in 25:02, which is probably the closest to my target I’ve ever managed! The conditions weren’t great as it was already raining, the grass/mud section was muddier and there were a few puddles on the course as well so good to get the shoes cleaned at the same time!

Parkrun Pacing
Parkrun Pacing

I decided to repeat the 18 miles I did last week but decided on a different route, one that I largely made up as I went along. The first mile was all downhill, the second was flat and the third was mostly uphill before I completed the loop which took me to the bottom of the road outside the development we stay in. From there, I added in a section from last week before crossing the bridge with the plan to do another familiar stretch as another loop but as I got close to the very familiar uphill climb, I changed direction and headed down a back road that I used to use all the time in the past. It was on this road that I messed up a 1-2 mile stretch that I thought would get me back home to complete 18 miles but got my calculations wrong and knew that I would hit the 18 mile mark well before the house and so I know had the choice of finishing around 18.5 miles or keep on going for 19 or 20 miles. I managed to work out the turning point along the road and was pleased to have hit 20 miles outside the house two doors down. This was great as I knew I could keep going, which is always a good sign in marathon training.

My time from today's run
My time from today’s run

With Paris getting closer, I also know that I’ve got a full month before the race and plenty of time to work on a couple of aspects so I can go faster. March, for me is going to be about mobility and speed.

How’s your training going? Have you got a race coming up? How are you feeling about it?


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