If you haven’t seen any of my previous posts, this is designed to share our favourite tunes to get us in the mood for a run or to sing along to while out on a run (it’s ok, we all do it and we’re all great singers). I hope my picks may end up on your playlist and likewise I hope to add yours to mine. It’s also good if we end up listening to artists or genres we would never have considered before.

One selection in the comments from last week’s post, from Ade aka Run To A Thousand was Galvanise by The Chemical Brothers reminded me of a great track by the same artist I used to have on my playlist all the time. Before I tell you about the track, let me tell you a funny story about our dear cat, Molly, who was a big fan of The Chemical Brothers! Molly was never a lap cat but a couple of years ago, I watched their set from Glastonbury on my laptop. The laptop was on the dinner table, the performance in full flow, and Molly jumped up onto the table and then sat happily on my lap while watching the set. She sat there for the entire show!

Anyway, back to the track for this week. I normally select songs for their lyrics as I will often recite them in my head, or out loud, to drive me on but this one is mostly instrumental. This track came from the album Surrender, which contained classic songs like ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ and ‘Let Forever Be’ and I’ve just noticed was released nearly 18 years ago! This, to me, is The Chemical Brothers at their very best. I started playing this track in the days when I taught Spinning classes but also started using it on my long runs.

The track lasts around 8 minutes 30 seconds, starts off slowly then builds up gradually. For me, this is perfect to listen to on a long marathon run when you’ve got a mile or so to go and you need a boost. Switch off and let the flow of the music drive you on.

This is The Sunshine Underground by The Chemical Brothers. Enjoy!

What’s on your playlist this week?


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