Thanks for the comments on my post last week about tunes you have on your Weekend Playlist to get you in the mood for a run or listen to while out for your run. It’s always good to hear other people’s favourite songs and potentially add them to your playlist too!

This week’s choice is number 1 on my most played list on iTunes – Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. This has no back story other than it’s a damn good song with a cracking fast beat and essential if you need an audible kick up the backside while on a run.

Our playlists change all the time depending on the mood we’re in or we get tired of hearing the same stuff all the time and freshen things up a bit but it’s not until we go back and listen to them again that we realise how good some songs are and why we like them so much in the first place. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, other times it’s just the beat and that’s where this week’s choice fits in.

Do you prefer songs with meaningful lyrics or just a good solid beat to run to? What’s number one on your most played playlist?




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