It’s important in marathon training (or any other type of training for that matter) to evaluate your plan on a regular basis to make sure it’s working for you and producing tangible results and then either repeat what you’re doing if all is good or tweak where necessary. It’s also important to know what needs tweaked, why, make sure you’re tweaking the right things for the right reason and have the flexibility to change even the things you’ve already changed. Wow, that sounds pretty deep eh?

This week’s training has looked like this:

Monday – AM – 4 miles

Tuesday – AM – 4 miles; 12pm – 4 mile hill run

Wednesday – AM – 6.2 miles

Thursday – AM – 4 miles; PM – 1 mile

Friday – AM: 4 miles; PM: 1.5 miles (run to brother’s house to give birthday present to niece and back)

Saturday – AM – PT session (2 miles approx), Parkrun

Sunday – AM: 5km Trail Race

The early morning 4 mile runs have been great and almost feel like they’re becoming habit now. The runs have been mixed this week as Monday’s run was a recovery, Wednesday’s felt strong and fast but then Thursday and Friday’s runs were done in the snow and ice. Good conditioning for yesterday’s Parkrun and today’s Trail Race it seems as there was plenty of ice on both courses!

Yesterday’s Parkrun was going to be the litmus test to see how the training plan has been going as that’s been a constant part of my training over the last year. With icy paths, it was going to be difficult to fully judge it but certainly I did feel a lot stronger and my finish was pretty good, signs of getting back to where I was for chunks of last year. At this stage, time isn’t always important but how a race is run. I would say my performance was better but not a massive difference from what I’ve done in the past and so I have to question whether running every day is actually worth it.

Post Parkrun Selfie
Post Parkrun Selfie

I’m faced with a bit of a quandary, do I persevere with the early morning runs or create a more structured plan with proper rest days? I’m going to stick with the early morning runs for another week and become more focused on how I spend my time later in the afternoon so that I can add value with more flexibility/mobility work and speed-based work. As a Personal Trainer, it’s difficult for me to have a proper rest day as I’m always active but I need to improve the structure of my day so that I still get plenty rest.

I finished off my week with a 5k Trail Race today. I won the entry as a prize for finishing in 2nd place in the points table at my local Parkrun last year. To be fair, it was the only race I could actually manage as the other race entry prizes up for grabs fell on dates I’ve got other races or when I’m on holiday! I’ll review the race in a future post but it was a cracking event. Not as many miles today as I had hoped to do but another good performance with a strong finish and so that was a good sign that I’m heading in the right direction!

How’s your training going?


4 thoughts on “Paris Marathon Training – Week 2

  1. It’s a good point about reviewing a training plan, it’s easy to just keep doing the same thing because it’s the path of least resistance. Even something as simple as a change of route can bring a new lease of life to a week’s running.

    “Wow, that sounds pretty deep eh?” I just enjoyed your use of the word tweaked! 🙂

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  2. Absolutely! You’ve got to know what kind of results you can expect to see from a training plan within certain timescales to know that it’s working but not be afraid to change it if it isn’t. As you say, changing route (or even do the same one but in reverse) can be enough to change a plan without completely ripping it up and starting again.

    I’m delighted to hear you liked the way I used “tweaked” 🙂


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