The hardest part of any training plan is always getting started, especially when training for a Spring marathon and training usually starts straight after the festive period when we’ve all eaten and drunk way too much and gained a few extra pounds along the way.

I wrote in another post on my business website about going for consistency when you start training and so this week was all about getting the runs done and building from there. I played around with late morning/lunchtime runs late last year and when I ran, they were great but then I started to prioritise other things and so the runs wouldn’t happen. I decided that I would get into running early morning before work so that I’m getting the day off to a good start and so I got up at 5am on Tuesday and ran 4 miles, a simple 2 miles out and 2 miles back route then repeated it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I woke up on Thursday thinking that I would maybe leave the run to later in the morning but then I knew there would be a greater chance of it not happening and so I got up and got out there and like the other days, felt great for it afterwards and my days got off to a greater start than normal. These runs were all about doing them and not caring much about performance as I know that will come.

Saturday morning was better with Parkrun to look forward to but just the one run this time after New Years Day’s efforts. It was the first Saturday Parkrun of the year so that meant it was pacing day. I put in to do 26mins and encouraged Allison to do it also. I’ve blogged about my love of pacing before and I’m going to update that soon. This one was great as Sarah came across before the start and said she wanted to follow me and so it was good to know one person I knew I would be pacing. It was a hard event to pace in as there were 259 people taking part, more than usual and with an incredible 41 people running their first Parkrun! That’s a great number with Parkrun announcing 12,288 people signed up on Friday, over 170,000 people finished the events on Saturday with over 110,000 taking part in the UK events. That is stunning!

Mr & Mrs Pacers
Mr & Mrs Pacers

Today was my first long run of the year and my first run with Graeme for what seems like ages and so it was great to catch up. We’ve been running regularly for a few years but not so much for a few months for one reason or another. These runs tend not to be super fast (today’s certainly wasn’t) and great just to be out. We always meet outside his restaurant which used to be a short distance round the corner but is nearly 2 miles away since we moved house and so we settled on an easy 10k route, which becomes 10 miles for us when we include the distance each of us has to run to get there and home again so that’s always good. The chat’s always good on the way round, stops us from going too hard and so by the time we finished, we both felt the benefit from the run and the catch up. When I got home, I still felt pretty good and could easily have run another few miles to make it to the half marathon distance, which is always good when you finish a run knowing that you can keep on going.

Long Run done!
Long Run done!

I’m feeling pretty good now that week 1 has been completed and now onto week 2. This week will be about adding ‘bonus’ sessions in the afternoons to build on the early morning races with a mix of flexibility, running specific drills and intensity work thrown in.

Have you started your training plan yet? How has the first week been for you?


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