I saw this post on Allison’s blog and thought it would be fun to do and link up. This looks great fun and will likely remind you everything you love about running.

Would you rather….

  1. Run with someone chatty or silent?
    I love running on my own but I also love the Sunday long runs with my friend Graeme. This is now one of the few opportunities we get to catch up and so it’s great to chat all the way round and it’s a good distraction from the run as well. I lost both parents in the last 3 years and I value the chats I have with them when I’m out on my own and so if I’m going to run with someone else, it’s got to be someone chatty.
  2. Run with no socks no sports bra?
    This post originated in Women’s Running hence the nature of the question so the easy answer will be to run without a sports bra. For men, if it were no socks or no pants, I would happily run without socks. Blisters are one thing but chafing on the crown jewels is another and not now I’m willing gamble on!
  3. Run a mile naked or in a snowsuit?
    It would depend on the time of year I suppose but under normal, fair conditions, I would run naked as it would be over quicker!
  4. Run in the freezing cold or sweltering heat?
    Living in Scotland, the only time I experience sweltering heat is when we go to Florida on holiday in the summer so this is an easy one for me – freezing cold. There’s something about the cold that appeals to me and having to work harder to warm up and also the great cold weather gear available now that makes it worth getting wrapped up for.
  5. Run with an empty stomach or a full bladder?
    What a choice! I’ve run with a full bladder before and it isn’t fun. It’s hard work to stay distracted and so it’s much easier to run with an empty stomach as I’ve now started to do in the early mornings during the week before work.
  6. Run a hilly 5k or a flat marathon?
    I love running marathons and flat ones are good for running fast times but I’m surrounded by hills where I’m from and I love the challenge inclines present and the sheer fun of running downhill so the hilly 5k wins hands down here.
  7. Run without music or without a GPS watch?
    Listening to music used to be such an important thing on a run for me but the last couple of years has seen me switch off music completely and prefer the time spent in silence or listening to a podcast. Running in silence helped me process my thoughts and emotions firstly after my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer through to his death and then the sudden death of my mum a year later. I now enjoy the peace as it gives me the chance to clear my head and often come up with good ideas for my business. I’m not a slave to my GPS watch but it helps me track my progress and wouldn’t be without it.
  8. Run the New York City or Boston Marathon?
    Yes! I’ve never run a continental marathon or been to New York and who couldn’t resist a trip to New York to do the marathon?
  9. Run as much as you want on a treadmill or only once a week outside?
    I hate treadmills and struggle to run any length of time on them. I once did a 20 mile run on a treadmill in 2004 as part of a fundraising challenge in the build up to the London Marathon, wanted to chew my own arm off after 4 miles and in the end, the marathon was much easier! Give me fresh air and the changing views anytime. I’ll happily go for a weekly run outside.
  10. Run a beer mile or a colour run?
    I’ve not done either but the beer run sounds the most fun so count me in, particularly if the beer happens to be Ossian from my local Inveralmond Brewery. It’s awesome!

    Ossian - Cheers!
    Ossian – Cheers!
  11. Run on a trail or on the road?
    This is the toughest question so far as I love them both for different reasons. I love the tranquility of the roads and do most of my races on them but love getting off-road and exploring routes on the hills. As much as I love the roads, there’s a lot of fun to be had on the trails so trails win it this time.
  12. Run in shoes that are too big or too small?
    I’ve had the blisters from wearing shoes that don’t fit quite right for me and love the room for my feet to move in shoes so too big would be better for me.
  13. Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?
    Both would be pretty tricky to consume mid run with the likelihood of spilling the milkshake down my front so munching on a slice of pizza wins. Especially if it was one that was in the fridge from the night before. Yum!
  14. Run in the rain or snow?
    Running in the rain can be very refreshing especially if it comes on while you’re out but it’s a whole new challenge to go out when it’s already chucking it down. I’ve had lots of fun running downhill in deep snow in the past and so that wins. Have you tried it?
  15. Run alone or with a big group for the rest of your life?
    There are a lot of benefits to running in a group but given the nature of my job as a PT and working in the evenings, it’s much easier for me to go out alone and for the reasons I mentioned in question 7, running alone would win for me.
  16. Run the same outdoor route every single day or run on a treadmill every single day?
    No contest, run the same outdoor route. I already do this with my early morning weekday runs and did the same route when I started running in the late 90’s and I’m one of these people who can do the same thing or eat the same thing everyday and not get bored.
  17. Have a personal chef or a running coach?
    I’m already a running coach as well as a personal trainer in my day job and so a personal chef would be preferable to me. Especially if it was my friend Graeme, his passion for food is incredible and the food at his restaurant is amazing. It’s always good when someone else makes you great food after you finish a run.
  18. Get free running shoes or free race registrations for life?
    Running shoes every time! I love my running shoes and use them for my work as well as running so I’m happy to get more!
  19. Do only gentle yoga or intense boot camp classes for cross training?
    The longer I’ve been a personal trainer, the more I’ve come to learn what truly makes a difference in running performance. I used to be into high intensity classes and while they get you fit, the crossover benefit to running isn’t as much as people believe. To get better at running, the most effective way is to perform exercises that best replicate running. Yoga can help improve flexibility which, in turn, can help reduce the risk of the common injuries runners get and it also promotes rest and recovery which are both essential as part of any training program. Yoga it is.
  20. Run in your favourite outfit every day but only wash it once a week or run in clean clothes you hate every day?
    I’m going to come clean (pun intended) and say I ran every day from Tuesday to Friday this past week wearing the same leggings and base layer top and only changed socks and t-shirt each day. I run for the benefit it gives me and don’t really care if I look a mess or smell a bit so same kit for me. Besides, when you go running at 5am, nobody sees you to pass comment on whether you smell or not!

What would your answers be? Do you wear smelly kit and drink milkshakes while you run? Comment below or turn this into a link up and write your own post, tag me in it so I can read it or add the link to your post below.

Have fun!


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