On a run yesterday morning, I started thinking and reminded myself of why I love running and so I thought I’d share them with you. It occurred to me that we can get busy with our training, become focused on the pace, times and other stuff that it can be easy to forget why we love it. Here are the things I love, in no particular order:

  1. The scenery – I love Perth and the scenery in the city and also outside. I’m fortunate that within a few minutes, I can be outside the city and running along some fine country roads with some stunning views. I love that the scenery is constantly changing and beats a treadmill every time.

    Views from a run in Perthshire
    Views from a run in Perthshire
  2. The disconnect with the world – I love how you can just switch off from everything else in life and allow your brain the chance to get rid of all the clutter. It’s where I get the chance to resolve issues, come up with ideas for my business and blog posts (like this one!) and also gives me a chance to chat with my mum & dad (more on that in another post). I love my Sunday run listening to Marathon Talk or Tough Girl podcasts (both highly recommended) but also my naked runs. I used to run with music but find I run better without it.
  3. Running with Friends – nothing beats exercising with other people whether in a group at a running club or with a running buddy. My friend Graeme is a pretty good runner and we run roughly at the same pace and so I enjoy our catch ups and put the world to rights while bagging a few miles at the same time.
  4. Not being a slave to a particular workout – I like the freedom of doing what I feel like when I run and I will often decide on the route and distance while I’m waiting for my Garmin to find a signal. Within the first mile or two, I will decide what kind of run I would like to have then go for that. Quite often, I will change the route completely or end up adding a few miles on to my planned run purely based on how I feel at the time.
  5. Being part of a friendly community part 1 – I’m lucky in that around my area, when I see other runners or cyclists, we acknowledge each other either with a nod, smile, hello or a simple grunt, I believe that connection can make a run more enjoyable for all of us. I’m also lucky in that round my area, many drivers are also cyclists or runners and they will allow plenty space when I’m on the road. I always give them a wave to thank them for the gesture and I believe we should appreciate everyone who uses the roads and not expect others to give way to us.
  6. Being part of a friendly community part 2 – I’m lucky to have connected with some wonderful people through blogging and also the wonderful UKRunChat community on Twitter. They have chat hours from 8-9pm on Sundays and Wednesdays and it’s fantastic to chat with some really supportive people.
  7. The adventures you can have – whether it’s trying out a new route, trying a new distance, running while on holiday or actually doing a race in another town or country, I love how the only limit we have with running is our imagination. I love our trips to Florida and the Paris Marathon and making new running friends along the way.
    You can't beat a run in the sun!
    You can’t beat a run in the sun!
    ......or in Paris
    ……or in Paris

    There we have it, that’s why I love running. There are probably more reasons that I’ll think of as soon as I’ve clicked the publish button!

    Now it’s your turn, what do you love about running? Why do you run? Comment below or feel free to write your own blog post about it and I look forward to reading about it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why I love running

  1. Love this post – point 2 is especially relevant for me. No matter how stressed I am about something, or how down I feel, it all goes away while I’m running. I can mull things over but not worry unduly about them.
    I don’t run with friends a lot, but when I do it’s a really great shared experience, especially the couple of times I’ve gone on a longer run. I even once did an overnight one, where we ended up sleeping in the beer garden of a closed-down pub along the Ridgeway route…

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  2. Thanks for the comment Jake! Yes, I think it’s pretty important to have that time to process thoughts and allow the mind the space to deal with any issues. That sounds brilliant and just a shame there was no beer left! Happy Running 🙂


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