You know that feeling when you suddenly realise that the deadline for your goal is fast approaching and you feel like you couldn’t be any further away from achieving it? I got that the other day. I can’t even remember what happened for the ‘oh crap’ moment to kick in but it kicked in a big way!  I can sympathise with the many people I work with who have been in the same situation and need my help to get them in shape for their holiday. It happens to Personal Trainers too!

I’ll admit to being a bit lazy since I got back from holiday or rather, I’ve allowed other things to take priority and left my runs until ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’ but as many will know, that never happens as we end up doing something else instead. My goal is the Loch Ness Marathon, 7 weeks from now. When the ‘oh crap’ moment kicked in, my feeling was that I haven’t run for ages, let alone done any long runs but I also knew that wasn’t strictly true as I had run a few times while in Florida and been to Parkrun but I had skipped my Sunday runs since I got back as I covered a couple of classes instead. That’s not an excuse for missing out on runs as I could’ve gone out before hand.

Rather than waste too much time poring over the past couple of weeks relative inactivity, I decided to focus on the important part, the journey ahead. I ran into town and back from my studio (1.5 miles each way) to get to the bank before it shut and be back in time for my class. I also cycled down to Parkrun yesterday (2 miles), out to my studio (approx 2 miles) to see a client after then cycled home again (2 miles) so all good and feeling like I’m getting back into the groove again.

The thing that gave me the most satisfaction and inspiration to train was pacing at Parkrun. I like to do this every month and I was pacing for 26mins yesterday. Usually get a few people following me and I like to coach them round so they can get the best from their run but there only seemed to be one person beside me for most of the way. I didn’t catch her name but she’s a regular at Livingston Parkrun and doing Perth for the first time. She told me her PB was around 25.30 so I planned to pace her then tell her to push on to get close to her PB. I kept her focused by keeping her eyes fixed on the runners ahead of us who we started passing in the last mile. When we got to the last half mile, I noticed that I was too quick for my pacing time and so told her to push on while I waited to coach a few more runners. She came up to me at the finish to say that she had taken a minute off her PB! There is no better feeling that you’ve helped someone in some way to get a great result.

That changed everything for me and I started to look forward to today’s run. I had planned around 10 miles, maybe stretch to 12 miles if I was feeling good but I ended up doing just over 13! I decided to simply focus on how I wanted to feel rather than chase a particular pace. This made the difference in adding the extra miles but the strong winds were enough of a challenge. It’s the first time I’ve been greeted with a strong headwind on a downhill stretch!

It feels like a huge box has been ticked and I can now push on with my training and get some good runs done during the week! Here is the first of my vlogs in the build up to the marathon


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