Is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to motivate themselves to run in the rain? This week has just been rubbish in Perth with rain being the weather for the entire week! I don’t mind being out when the rain comes on but it can be hard to go out when it’s already raining. This week though, I just had to zip up my man suit and get on with it.

Monday’s always an easy day for me with some walking to help me reach my step goal for the day, some mobility/stretching exercises to keep all my joints and muscles feeling loose and a wee bit of Metafit while I’m teaching a class in the evening.

I’ve been planning to go for a run on Tuesdays for ages but I keep allowing myself to become distracted and it’s rarely happened but I managed to get myself out, between downpours early afternoon. It was only just over 4 miles which, in marathon training, isn’t all that impressive but compared to nothing, it’s a step in the right direction. It was just a steady pace effort and that was fine to get going.

I did a bit more walking on Wednesday and did some conditioning training, much of which I made up on the spot with some press up combinations but it was good fun all the same.

I resisted the temptation to go out for a run on Thursday morning and saved my energy for my run club session in the evening. I normally don’t do much at these sessions as I prefer to focus on helping everyone perform at their best but as we were doing hill reps, I decided to join in. You’re probably reading this and wondering if I’ve lost my sanity by doing hill reps when I had the opportunity to skip them to coach others then you’re probably right! Ha ha! The hill reps were tough but then that’s the magic of them. No-one likes them (if you do then it’s likely you’re not doing them right) but everyone understands the value of them in performance.

After an easy day on Friday with some mobility and conditioning, it was Parkrun time on Saturday. I’m loving the difference Parkrun has made to my pacing in races and I’m feeling a lot stronger as a result. I had a few beers the night before so I wasn’t necessarily at my sharpest and while I still finished 19.25, the last km felt sluggish. I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol that affects performance or the poor quality sleep you get after it, as you still feel pretty rubbish when you wake up. I think it’s a testament to the progress I’m making when I can still clock 19.25 on a poor day whereas that would’ve been pretty close to a PB a month ago!

I was up early on Sunday for the Men’s 10k in Glasgow. I did the Edinburgh race last year and the timing of this one was pretty good for me as it would keep me ticking over before I go on holiday whereas I normally tend to wind down. I plan to separate post on the race so won’t say too much other than I realised that it’s over 7 months since I raced 10k and I have somehow forgotten how to race the distance! I’ve been used to 5k and Half Marathon/Marathon this year and so there was a section of it where I wasn’t sure if I should be pushing on or holding off for the last mile or so. I finished in 42.01, slower than what I thought I might do or feel that I’m capable of but I was happy as I finished strongly and probably had the best sprint finish for a long time. I had passed one guy as we came back into George Square then dug deep and gave whatever I had left to pass one more guy 2 metres before the line.

I got the added bonus of meeting Calum and Derek Hawkins at the finish. They're 2/3 of the Team GB Men's Marathon Team
I got the added bonus of meeting Calum and Derek Hawkins at the finish. They’re 2/3 of the Team GB Men’s Marathon Team

It was a strange feeling as it’s been a while since I have pushed myself as hard as that at the end of a race as I felt like I had run a Half Marathon yet I had only run 10k! We always learn from every race and while the overall time was slower than usual, I was happy with my performance although there are still areas I can improve on. Time isn’t really that important as long as you keep making progress with your performances.

What have you learned from your runs lately?


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