A small change can result in a bad run but then a small change can also make a great run

A week ago, I was frustrated with my performance at Parkrun. I had gone off at a decent pace in the first mile then struggled the rest of the way, feeling like I was going backwards instead of making progress. I was slightly relieved when my time came back as 19:58, roughly 10 seconds faster than the week before but my frustration at my performance stayed.

Having done very little on Monday and Tuesday, I went out first thing on Wednesday morning for 20 minutes before my first client came in at 6.30am. After the session finished, I went home to get showered and have breakfast before my next client at 8.30am. When I left the house, I discovered my car was stuck in as there were workmen about to start work on the road outside and I had hoped to have got away before they started. I got a bonus run in as I had 15 minutes to get to work, roughly 2 miles away. Thankfully I got to work on time even though my legs were in bits! Even though it was tough, I felt really good. I don’t normally put much effort into my Metafit classes as my role is really to motivate others to work harder rather than do the workout myself but I found I was able to do all the exercises very well next to some of my class members as I know they become competitive when I do that! I was certainly performing them better/stronger than I’ve done for a while!

I got up early on Thursday to fit in a run before my first client. It was only 30 minutes but it felt pretty good. Just now, my main focus is getting a few runs in each week and being consistent with it It’s important to build a platform of consistent runs at the start of every training plan before adding in anything fancy.

Some nice views running through Perth
Some nice views running through Perth

Friday was good as I had an afternoon session with Louise, a girl with a terrific amount of determination, who wants to improve her running but, like many of us, has limiting beliefs on what she is capable of and so we ran 10k. I encouraged her to run at a comfortable pace and kept her talking so I knew she was running at the right pace. Both of us were delighted when she completed the distance as it was something that had felt a bit out of reach for her and I hope that has now given her a bit more confidence to run the distance and run it even better.

I was up early again on Saturday for a session with Kirstine a very dedicated exerciser who is now keen to run the Loch Ness Marathon in September despite not having run much in a few years. I know she has the determination to do it and so now it’s a case of putting the pieces together to get her there. We worked a bit on her form and I did some of the exercises as well so it was easier for her to replicate what I was doing rather than me just telling her. The exercises paid off for me when I went to Parkrun afterwards as I felt my foot strike was much lighter and my pace felt a lot more effortless for the first time in ages! I felt really good but found the last km hard going, mainly down to the lack of training recently. I crossed the line in 19:21 and was over the moon at my official time of 19:19, a new PB! I had taken 5 seconds off my previous PB and almost 40 seconds faster than last week! Over the moon and pleased that I know I can run even faster still!

I finished off the weekend in style with a 6 mile run where the plan was to run every second mile faster but it just so happened that the second and third faster miles just happened to involve hills! A good challenge! A whole new level of positivity after last week and determination to work harder and perform even better!

How’s your training going? Have you had experiences where your training has gone from bad to good with just a small change made?


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