It’s 4 weeks until the Paris Marathon and I’m probably more relaxed about this one than any other marathon I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I went through the ‘oh s#@t’ phase last weekend and the beginning of the week when the realisation that the big day is fast approaching when not that long ago it felt like a long way off.

My training has certainly not been as structured as it has been in the past largely down to moving house and fitting in runs around visits from tradesmen to do some work. On the plus side, I feel things are starting to come together and that I will get round the marathon no problem but whether I hit my target time remains to be seen.

I’ve got a Half Marathon in Inverness next Sunday when technically I should be doing my last long run before the taper but my taper might look slightly different from normal. I’ve no plans to do any more long runs but I will be doing plenty short speed/technique based runs and hard cycling everywhere as I remember that having a massive effect in the build up to Loch Ness in 2014.

It’s actually quite nice to not be hung up on time and being able to run where my only focus is running with good technique.

How’s your training going? All going smoothly?


2 thoughts on “Another Step Closer

  1. Not long now for either of us. Very exciting!
    I have been doing some thinking about being concerned about how I finish time wise at Boston and just enjoying my marathon for me and the experience. I think the day and being in Boston will help me figure that out.
    Happy running and good luck this weekend.
    Run your run!


  2. Thanks Kyla! One thing that worked for me yesterday was to simply focus on my own performance. I wanted to stay in control of my own pace, let everyone else do their own thing and then I passed them when I felt ready to. The finish time is the outcome of the performance you put in from the training you’ve done. Good luck to you with your running too!


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