It’s funny how things can change very quickly in training that make you realise that you’re making big steps towards your goal. A couple of weeks ago I set off with the intention of doing a 12-16 mile run. I’m fortunate that the area where we moved house to just happens to be on one of my favourite running routes, which was one of the selling points of the development for me!

The route itself is fairly hilly and when I went out that day, I felt the first 6 miles was a challenge so I continued another mile before retracing my steps to complete 14 miles. Yesterday was totally different and by the time I got to the 6 mile mark, I felt warmed up and ready to push on. I enjoyed a downhill then a long flat stretch before tackling some more hills. Basically I had chosen probably the toughest road route around Perth to run on this morning!

I already started on a hill when I left the house and as the road levelled out, I got a warning fly by from a buzzard who’s been nesting in woodland to the right hand side of the road. I was attacked here a couple of years ago and got a friendly warning as I ran out that way a few days ago but as it’s young was nowhere to be seen, I thought it would be safe to go along there but it seems another week and it should be fine again.

To make things more ‘interesting’ (as if this hilly route wasn’t challenging enough), I decided to run every 3rd mile faster which, is generally pretty good at getting your body to adapt to running at a quicker pace. The downside for me here, and I suppose it was bound to happen given my choice of route, was that each of the 3rd miles just happened to involve an uphill stretch. Hardly surprising then that these were pretty tough but I see all these things as great conditioning and puts me in a better place come the marathon.

Curiously, towards the end of the run, I felt my hip flexors become sore more than anything else. I have spent recent months working on making them stronger and more mobile to help make my running easier and I must admit to letting this slip during the house move and so will be focusing on this in the coming weeks.

I felt so far off the pace with that run a couple of weeks ago but after yesterday’s run on top of finishing 2 seconds outside my PB at Parkrun on Saturday, I feel in a much better position with some good quality training sessions to come over the next few weeks.

How’s your training going?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Strong

  1. I think I am, closer than I was a couple of weeks ago anyway. A few weeks of consistent running plus some extra conditioning and I will be a lot happier! The scenery was stunning! The photo I took was at a point that was ‘ok’ but the views on the rest of the route were amazing and also the bonus of seeing a buzzard and hawk close up was pretty cool too 🙂


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