Today, 5th October, is recognised around the world as the day of the teacher and so I thought I’d take time to give thanks to those who have taught me and inspired me to get to where I am today. A huge thanks first of all goes to movement genius Ido Portal, who gave thanks recently to his teachers and inspired me to write this post. While this day is designed to recognise the great work teachers do, I believe we should take time much more frequently to show gratitude and remind ourselves of the journey that has brought us to where we are.

Thank you to my Dad for introducing me to running, giving me the energy and encouragement to follow my dreams and the passion to help others. Thank you to my Mum for giving me the determination and stubbornness to stand up for what I believe in and dig deep when I need to. You both may be gone but you’re still in my heart and I would definitely not be doing what I’m doing now without you both.

Thank you to Davide, my boss when I worked at Marcello’s Pizza for giving me the inspiration and skills I have now in managing my own business. Thank you to the London Marathon for being the catalyst in me changing my life after that day in 1998 when I crossed the finish line with an amazing sense of achievement and left with the desire to be able to help others do what they previously thought impossible.

Thank you to Colin Deans and Premier Training for giving me the knowledge and support to help me get into the Fitness Industry and to Linda Christie who gave me my first job at Ivy Court after I qualified. Thank you to Martin Yelling for helping transform my running after a workshop at a Fitness Convention that lead to an amazing training weekend with coaching from him and his wife, Liz. Thank you to my friend, Bryce Redford, who taught me NLP and that has made an amazing difference to me and has given me the ability to coach my clients better. Thank you to the amazing John Hardy whose training courses at Faster Global have completely transformed the way I think about fitness and has challenged me to work harder to learn more and become the best trainer I can be.

Thank you to my wife, Allison, for all your support and guidance and a massive thank you to my friends and PT clients who continue to inspire me each and every day. The debt will never be repaid and I hope that you are all pleased with what I have achieved from your inspiration and teachings.

Who can you give thanks to? Write your own thanks and please tag me in it so I can be inspired from your story.



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