With just under two weeks to the Scottish Half Marathon, I’ve decided to reset my goals and enjoy the experience of the event. I got a PB there last year and a few weeks ago I was ready to push towards beating that time after seeing the race predictions on my Garmin. A bit of a challenge but worth a go none the less!

My Garmin suggesting my next challenge

My training since then has become rather disrupted from being busy with my PT work and then everything became insignificant two weeks ago following the sudden death of my mum. I had already been through the death of my Dad two years ago but this was different as mum hadn’t been ill. It’s widely recognised that a run, or even a long walk, can help in these situations to deal with stress and I did this to help cope with losing Dad but this time, the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run.

mum and me

The death of a parent is never easy and I’m fortunate to have been supported by Allison as well as family and friends as my brother and I have come to terms with the loss. The shock of it all and the need to do all the various arrangements took over and for the first time, running was put to a distant side even though I knew it would be greatly beneficial. I did, however, return to running the following Saturday at Parkrun. Parkrun is really interesting as it has become a fixture in my social scene as much as for the exercise and it was nice to be among a group of really friendly people. I also went out the next day for a long run but I don’t recall much of the run apart from the route I took.

I did go out today and ran 9 miles but the pace was sadly lacking but at least I’ve got the desire to run again. I was able to connect with mum, and dad also, and it was then that I started to feel better and enjoy the benefits a good run can bring. I also realised that it’s unlikely I’ll be breaking any records at the Half Marathon this year and that my focus will be on doing my best and laying the foundations for later in the year/next year.

Things can change all too quickly in life and we must be able to adapt to those changes. Our perspective on things can often change, even in the things we enjoy the most and it’s useful just to let things settle down before making any decisions. You will often find that once the dust settles, the things that mean the most will return and by following what you feel like doing will lead you back to what will help you the most. For me, that is running.


7 thoughts on “Resetting Goals

  1. Holidays always help even if you do nothing but recharge your batteries 🙂 Next race is Men’s 10k in November and is part of the progression towards running faster than I’ve ever done in the Paris Marathon next April 🙂


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