Start With You

I often hear clients tell me they struggle to make time for exercise around other commitments such as work and families and when they list everything they have going on, they usually end up being the last one in the list of priorities.

While this is commendable and perfectly understandable to put others or our work first, it’s not very useful for us if we’re the last in line and often leaves us drained and miserable. What if there was a solution? How about to flip it, start with you first and achieve more in your day than you do just now?

You may think that sounds crazy and very simplistic for me to say. Think for a second how much energy you have and how much more productive you are when you feel fit and healthy. When you’re in that state, how much happier would you feel and how better you’d be at your job and with your family when you’re full of energy? Does that sound better to you?

Why not give it a try? How about to create time first thing in the morning to go for a walk, jog, swim, cycle or a few exercises if you find it hard to fit it in the rest of the day? Just 10-20mins can be enough to set you up with a clear and focused mind for the day ahead so you get to do all the things you normally do much more efficiently and with greater energy.

Give it a try for a week and see what happens 🙂


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