It turns out that I cracked a rib in my fall last week. I felt a bit of discomfort on Friday morning and a visit to the doctor in the afternoon confirmed it. I had assumed it was bruising but this discomfort was different from what I had felt the rest of the week and so I needed that professional opinion. The rib being cracked wasn’t really the bad news though, the bad news was that it would take around 6 weeks to heal. I’ve got the Paris Marathon in 5 weeks!


When the body experiences an injury, the mind will search for a previous experience for which to compare itself to in order to decide how it’s going to react however apart from the back problem I had in the late 90’s, I’ve never suffered from an injury and as this wasn’t a running related injury, I have no idea how things are going to be over the next few weeks. The one thing I have learned over the past week is just how much it affects my work as a Personal Trainer. I haven’t been able to demonstrate any exercises to my clients in our sessions or in my Metafit classes and so this has tested my communication skills. I wasn’t able to teach my guys at my Zero to 5k and Go Faster Running Club sessions on Thursday and I’ll have to think about the sessions over the next few weeks so that I can teach them effectively without doing much running myself. I didn’t appreciate how debilitating a rib problem could be until this week! The hardest thing is actually getting out of bed in the morning as it’s uncomfortable trying to sit up.

I will be ok to run Paris but I’m not sure how my performance will be and so will be a case of wait and see. I was gutted at having to play a joker in Jantastic last week and so I had to change the targets I had set for March. I was due to run 20 miles today and there was no way I was going to manage that! I was determined to get out for a run today though, I had managed a couple of short jogs towards the end of last week and my original plan was to jog a mile, walk for a bit and try to repeat it for maybe 3-4 miles and see how they went. My friend Graeme text last night and suggested going for a run together to which I gratefully accepted. I warned him the pace wouldn’t be great and that I might have to stop a few times. I was actually quite nervous about going out when I woke up this morning and I admit to being short in confidence about whether I’d be able to run at all or get so far and have to give up. I needn’t have worried.


We set off from outside Graeme’s restaurant in Tay Street (the food is amazing and I highly recommend paying a visit if you’re in Perth!) and headed towards the North Inch. I wanted to run on the flat and thought that if I was to struggle at any point and have to stop then I wouldn’t have far to go to get home. We were joined on our first lap by Allison who was out on her long run and we managed 3-4 laps (I lost count) before heading back along Tay Street and out towards my studio so I could pick up my car. Graeme was planning on continuing his run after we finished anyway and this route suited him as he was going to run up a hill nearby. I was really surprised when I looked at my Garmin and read that we had run 10k already and after we went our separate ways, I did a few laps of the car park at my studio to make up 7 miles. I was so happy when I reached that point and I must say that I was more ecstatic at finishing at 7 miles than many other marathons I’ve done. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to run that far and I doubt I would have got that far myself had Graeme not suggested we run together. Running solo is good but nothing beats a run and a good chat with a good friend!

I am even more determined now to complete 2015km in 2015 to raise money for Macmillan. I know only to well how precious life can be and how much of a difference having good people around to support you can make and I want to be able to help Macmillan be able to provide that support to more people on their journey with cancer. No one should face cancer alone so let’s help Macmillan make a positive difference.

Have you ever had an injury set you back in your training for a specific event? If so, how did you deal with it?

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