This week has been about building up my training after a month of sporadic runs. February is all about building on the base that was created in January and I feel that this month is where the pace will start to come together. Before I go into that nonsense, this week has been about something far more important than any training run – the purchase of new running shoes! Tuesday saw the delivery of the new Adidas Ultra Boost shoes. I managed to get on the guest list to be able to buy a pair before they officially go on sale. The window to buy them was barely open when I placed my order.


I’ve never bought anything on its initial release and so I was already excited when I read Faya’s post about the Ultra Boosts on her blog Fitness on Toast and I was like a child on Christmas Eve. I was more excited about getting these shoes than I was getting an iPhone or actually being approved a mortgage to by my flat! I can imagine any runner reading this will be nodding with approval here.

Billed as “the greatest running shoe ever”, I was keen to find out how different they would be to my current road shoes, the Adidas Adios 2 Boosts. I remember how great they felt when I tried them on for the first time so the new Ultra Boosts had a lot to live up to and certainly they didn’t disappoint. They already felt light and very comfortable when I tried them on and felt amazing when I ran up and down the corridor in the business centre where my studio is. The big test was the following morning when I went for a 7 mile run as I had a slightly later start. As someone who is a heel striker, I never once felt my heels touch the ground once so good was the cushioning and so all I felt was my midfoot as it rolled through and pushed off. I commonly get blisters or slight bruising in one of my toes as the front part of my foot usually feels boxed in my regular shoes but these shoes felt like I had loads of space for my toes to spread out in each step. These shoes certainly feel like they’re living up to their billing but it can be easy to get carried away with the hype on a shoe from a brand I already buy regularly from. I have since been out on a few more runs in them since Wednesday and they do genuinely feel amazing to run in and they do feel like I’m running on pillows. I might just run Paris in them and buy myself another pair.

Anyway, back to my training and my runs the rest of the week have been pretty sporadic and maybe not where I want to be. I managed to squeeze in a couple of short runs, I ran 5k on Thursday afternoon to find a new route for my Zero to 5k runners then ran the same route again an hour or so later as my guys were running 5k for the first time. This can be pretty good training for me as I had to run at a steady pace on the way out and when the last person had reached the turning point, I had to run hard to catch up with the person at the front and get to the finish before them as I was timing everyone.

I headed out on my long run today and learned a lot while I was out there! I normally listen to music on my runs but today I tuned in to the recent Marathon Talk podcast. My pace was ok on the run and could be better but then I learned a lot from listening to Martin and Liz Yelling as I’ve done in the past from attending one of their running workshops. I’ve been bothered by a touch of reflux for the past week and with a couple of nights during the week where I didn’t get a decent sleep, I discovered a lot why my performance isn’t quite what it should be and so rather than try to tweak my training runs this week to get my speed up, I will be focusing on improving my diet for the activity I am doing and also aim to improve my sleep patterns. I remember changing my diet a few years ago, ate a lot less pasta and was eating more salmon and green veg and I remember having lots more energy and a 20 mile training run feeling particularly easy and so it would be nice to recapture that.

Running is important to me and as I work with a lot of people who want to be able to run and to run better, I want to be able to run better myself and act as a better role model for them. In order to do this, I am going to review my schedule and create more time so that I can get more quality runs in. I’m looking forward to see how my training will be this week just by changing my diet and improving my sleep. I will let you all know this week.

What changes have you made to your diet to improve your performance in your workouts?




4 thoughts on “Destination Sub 3:15 in Paris

  1. There seems to be a trend going on with these shoes, Steve! It’s so good to hear two great reviews of the Ultra Boosts, but there may be some collusion going on here. Certainly worth baring in mind for my next purchase, due in mid-Summer.

    I wish that you were around here to advise me. I am keen to run sub-24 for my parkrun. Current PB is 24:20 for about the past 18 months. I have tried several approaches: hills, intervals (HR and pace), fartlek…. But getting nowhere. When I ran marathons, over 20 years ago, I could sustain 7:30 mile pace for very long distances. My training would take me 90+ miles p.w. in those days. Maybe that’s what I need to do: put in the mileage. I can’t even run at that pace for 5k now!

    Maybe, when I get to Perth, you can pace me and your missus around the park in 23:59……

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  2. Ha ha! I would certainly recommend trying them on when it comes to making your next purchase and see what you think yourself.

    I’d be happy to have a chat sometime and give you a few tips on getting your pace up without having to do great mileage 🙂

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