Creating Better Versions of Ourselves

When we set out to make a difference to ourselves, we usually tend to focus on one or two aspects – weight or being fitter but sometimes we can slightly misjudge them and either get there via a shortcut and then find ourselves back where we started or, perhaps, not get there in the first place. Does that sound familiar?

What if there was a more effective way to get all the results we want, be in the best shape ever without having to restrict everything we do, or eat, and also without fear of failing or going backwards? The best bit about it is that it’s all free and all you need is a pen and piece of paper!

The foundation emotion behind this is happiness. If we can become happy with ourselves, with everything in our life then that will breed confidence, satisfaction and lots of other emotions that are meaningful to you so let’s take that piece of paper and write the word ‘Happiness’ at the top. Underneath it, make a list of everything in your life that would make you happy. Let’s be completely selfish here and write what would make you happy about you rather than what would make other people happy. Once you become happy, everyone will be happy.

Now, write down what your perfect average day would look like, as if there were no barriers holding you back. Describe that day in as much detail as possible with the things you are doing, the clothes you’re wearing, the food you’re eating, the people you’re with, the work you are doing, the people you are working with, the sights and smells you experience, the time of day you get up, the time you go to bed, the quality of sleep you are getting, the energy levels you have, the exercise you are doing, the mood you’re in.

You should now have an extremely longish list. When you look at that list, how are you feeling? Pretty happy? Have any of the goals you had previously changed in any way? The next step is to look at what you’ve written and start to plan on how this can be turned into reality. Success is the result of little changes to your daily routine done consistently and so pick out one of the statements you’ve written that would give you the most satisfaction at accomplishing then consider what needs to change in your current routine in order to make that happen. Once you’ve done that, start to work on making that one change only and do it every single day until it becomes a habit. You’ll know when it becomes a habit as you’ll find yourself doing it without thinking. Once you’ve done that, go back to your list and pick out another thing and repeat. As you get into it, you’ll start to notice that some of the changes are easier to do. This is because the body, and the mind, are becoming more adaptable to change and are enjoying the journey you are going on.

After a few weeks, you should hopefully begin to notice a difference in your energy levels, your moods, your sleep patterns and you might also notice the relationships with friends and family becoming even better. The list shouldn’t have an end point as you’ll likely start to think of other things to add to the list and so the journey continues rather than the feeling of reaching a destination.

While some of these changes will likely be a challenge, this is good learning for you and who you are/wish to be and will ensure the journey is one of fun.