Running under a bright moon and stars in a clear sky sounds rather idyllic doesn’t it? It would be great if it was planned however it was an unexpected bonus to waking up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning and heading out for a run instead of trying to salvage more sleep time. That’s what happened to me this morning.

A combination of Allison feeling restless and the voices of the hardcore late night revellers saw me being wide awake around 4am. I lay for a bit before deciding to get up and do something. I wrote a good part of my blog post about the Best and Worst of my Racing History and decided that I would have a snack and then head out for my run earlier. I had thought of waiting until it was a bit lighter but headed out at 6.30am.

I’ve been working on cadence drills lately and so I set my Garmin to do 14 reps of 1 min on, 1 min walking. The purpose of doing the cadence drills is to work on improving performance and reduce the risk of injury. The elite runners tend to run at a higher cadence rather than taking longer strides as most of us try to do and often end up with injuries as a result.

When I got out of the city centre, I became aware of how bright the crescent moon was and how clear the stars were along with a chink of daylight sneaking just above the top of the hills on the horizon. It seemed rude to have my iPod on so I switched it off and ran with the impressive sight watching over me.

One of the great things about heading out at such an early time of the morning is that there was no-one on the roads and so I really had the whole place to myself. I thought my performance might be slightly poorer from the lack of sleep but I felt great and probably the best I’ve felt running in ages.

There is something magical about running under a bright moon and stars when there’s no-one around and finishing before others have woken up and something I’d do again. If you love the quality of a run when everything around you is so peaceful, I’d highly recommend it.

Happy Running!


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