It’s only been 3 weeks since my last race in Aviemore (I went for a wee run last week) but it feels like an eternity! I’ve got a few events lined up in the first half of 2015 and so I felt my rest period is over and it’s time to get back into training again.

Aside from that wee run last weekend, I hadn’t done much during the week (not any running anyway!) and so I went out this morning to do some intervals. I woke up at 7am, an hour before my alarm, and decided to go out early. It was just becoming light and there was a thick fog on the North Inch and over the River Tay. It was cool, which you’d expect for November, and actually perfect for a run.

My intervals were different from anything I’ve ever done before. Instead of going flat out, I was following a cadence that I had learned from doing a course with Kinetic Revolution a few weeks ago and it’s really interesting and very effective! Many runners go from one injury to another and the theory is that over-striding is one of the main causes of the injuries. Weak glutes and poor hip mobility are other causes. I’ve seen a number of runners try to lengthen their strides in order to run faster whereas doing this can put pressure on the knee when landing. More on that coming soon!

I got over half a mile before starting the intervals and all I had to think about was getting the rhythm of he cadence in my head using a free metronome app and lifting my knees up and forward and then run for a minute and walk for a minute and repeat for a total of 12 reps. A simple analogy to get this right is to imagine running in shallow water and this brings the knees (and heels) up naturally.

It sounds a lot to think about but really it isn’t and what you get is a smoother run and the feeling of running faster and easier at the same time! Most of the reps I did were faster than my average mile split from the Aviemore 10k even though that race was downhill, I’m not as fit as I was that day and I felt the pace I was doing in the drills was reasonably comfortable. I know I was only running for a minute at a time compared to full miles in the race but I think this is a pretty good pace to be starting out at. The funny thing is, when I reverted back to my regular running style to run home at the end, I felt like I was running like Phoebe from Friends!

When I finished, and still feeling full of energy, I jumped on my bike and cycled out to Gleneagles Hotel and back, covering 36 miles in total. It should only really have been 34 but I thought by taking a slightly different road than planned that this would be the same distance as the other road but it turned out to be a couple of miles longer. And hillier. I occasionally teach classes in the hotel gym and left my iPod when I was there on Friday and needed to get it back as I won’t be back out again until next month. I generally found it pretty good but as it was the furthest I’ve ever cycled and not enough to eat before going out and so I tired pretty quickly on the way back, particularly when trying to cycle up a very steep and the bike somehow sticking in a high gear and so I had to get off and walk for a bit.

If anyone has experienced the HUNGER you get after a training session where you could literally eat everything in the cupboards then that’s how I felt when I got home. It’s probably mot surprising really seeing as I cycled further than ever before and without prior training for the distance. Oh, and also the desire to have a nap.

Sunday runs, I have missed you!

Happy Running!




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