Eat, Sleep, Move, Repeat

One of the main reasons people come to me is to get help to lose weight, as well as to get fitter or train for sport or generally feel better about themselves. More commonly now is that many of these people have tried many diets and while they’ve achieved various benefits from it, they’ve all ultimately gained most of the weight they had lost, if not more. In my opinion, a diet is simply a diet and often leads the person down the wrong path with the promise of quick results rather than educating about food or actually solving the problem a person has with their eating habits in the first place. In most cases, diets lead people into reducing portion sizes and cutting out certain foods by counting calories, checks, points and other bizarre things. For me, this strategy is flawed as we can miss out on vital nutrients because we are mislead into believing their calorific value, or fat content, is too high not to mention the risk of destroying our metabolism in the process. The question is, is this actually a truly effective method for long-lasting weight loss?


A recent study has shown that inactivity, rather than calorie consumption, is behind rising obesity in the UK. People are actually eating less now than they did 40 years ago but obesity is much greater now than ever before, and there’s no sign of it abating. The missing link s clear, people are moving less than they did 40 years ago. Industry has changed meaning that most of us are sitting down now rather than doing any physical work and technology has advanced so we can shop and be entertained without having to stand up!

My philosophy is simple, nourish the person you want to be rather than starving the person you don’t. 


Losing weight can create a negative state of cutting out foods you enjoy, possibly feeling hungry most of the time and a dislike of where you are. Instead, how about to consider the person you want to be, the activities and energy you want to have, the clothes you want to be wearing and the confidence you want to have and provide the body with the nutrients and activity it needs to become that person? Instead of cutting things out of your diet (which many people tend to fall off the wagon at some point by eating/drinking), how about to add the things in that are currently missing and would give you lots more energy, stop you from feeling hungry and allow you to get by without eating the things that you used to enjoy and not actually miss them or crave them? How would you feel if by doing this, you actually found it easy to do?

The rule is simple, decide where you want to be, move daily whether it’s by walking, running, swimming, cycling, jumping and feed the body with foods that the body needs rather than what you think it wants, drink more water and relax and enjoy life. By focusing on feeding the body and moving more, you are more likely to protect yourself from a number of ailments and you will probably notice that your moods change as well.

It IS that simple