It is perfectly normal to wind down as you approach a holiday and look forward to 2 weeks of relaxation. It’s perfectly normal to keep the running shoes as far away from the suitcase as possible and focus on lying in the sun, let the body recover from its exertions to date and focus on recharging the batteries so you return home feeling fully energised and ready for the next stage of training.

Somehow my mind and body has not considered that and I’ve found myself taking it easier over the last couple of weeks and I’m ready for some good warm weather training. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to get lots of relaxation but I also know I can get up at 6.30am and go for a 30 min run or workout outdoors before it gets too warm and fit in a wee swim afterwards before breakfast. It also means I can relax better in the sun knowing that I’ve done my workout for the day. That and also the fact that we’ve entered for three 5k races while we’re there. This is nothing new and we always look forward to doing these races as they’re great fun to be part of.

Another reason is that the Loch Ness Marathon is looming on the horizon on 28th September and I’ve got the small matter of my 850 miles to complete by then as part of my challenge. I’m currently sitting on 372 miles and have just under 478 miles to go. It seems a lot but once I get into my marathon training properly, it should be fairly easy to cover it. I’m also looking to smash my PB and claim a good for age place in the 2016 London Marathon and so the extra training I’ll need to do to get that time will take care of it. My PB is 3:19 and I’m aiming for sub 3:15.

With a few 5k’s to come over the next few weeks, I decided to go out and do a speed session this morning. I’ve been

How I felt when I was sprinting
How I felt when I was sprinting!

doing lots of endurance work until now for all the marathons etc but in order to get faster over the short distances, I need to focus on speed. I read about a workout the other day and decided to do it myself. It was 200m, 400m, 800m, 400m, 200m x 2 and so I headed out to do a mile or so first to warm up and also to make sure I was ready to put myself through it! Everyone knows that speedwork is horrible but also works very well. The reps seemed to pass very quickly and I felt I’d pushed myself in each rep as my legs felt like jelly by the end of it. I did manage a slow jog back home to cool down and had some Cherry Active so my legs would be able to work for the rest of the day.

All in all, while the workout was horrible I feel a lot stronger and can’t wait to do a few more sessions over the next few weeks as I know that this will benefit me not just over 5k distance but also as the distances build up on the journey towards my biggest race left to run. I would highly recommend that you all get out there and try it at least once per week and reap the benefits for yourself.

Happy Running!


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