It’s 3 weeks to go to the Edinburgh Marathon and it’s taper time so time to wind back the training and so I’m fresh for the big day. It’s funny but it doesn’t seem that long ago since I was writing those exact same words but with Paris in the sentence instead of Edinburgh. This time it’s different as I don’t have just one race to contend with, I’ve got 4!

It’s interesting that my biggest concern right now about the races is actually getting from the finish of the Half back to Edinburgh for the start of the marathon! Once I cross the finish line, I need to phone my friend Fraser (who will be waiting nearby) to pick me up on his motorbike and head back to Edinburgh. That all sounds straightforward but I’ve got to run as close to 1hr 30mins as I can to give us enough time to get back for the start at 10am. In between all this, the organisers have asked if I can pose for a photo as well as trying to grab a drink, eat a couple of snacks then put on an extra layer for the bike journey!

A race pack from EMF arrived on Saturday and my reaction, which is usually one of excitement and eagerness to open it, was more of “I wonder which one this is”!Edinburgh Half Marathon


All this concern has certainly taken my mind off the running itself and with each passing day, it seems to become easier. As I have already run a marathon in the last 5 weeks, I know my endurance is still there so I don’t need to go and run 20 miles in one go. I have been trying to do more speedwork as the main focus is going to be the Half. The 5k and 10k the day before haven’t really crossed my mind although I have just invested in a pair of compression socks to wear after the races on the Saturday and I’ll be planning my Saturday afternoon and evening carefully to give myself as much rest as I can. Allison’s running the Women’s 10k in Glasgow next week and so I’ll now be running the Loch Leven Half Marathon on the Saturday to replace the run I’ll miss on the Sunday and this will give me an idea of my pace for the race.

It all seems very exciting and the one way I look at it is the races on the Sunday are going to teach me a lot about myself and my determination to succeed. There’s a poster that says “I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life”. I’m looking forward to seeing in what way this whole experience will change my life.

Train for a Marathon

Happy Running!


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