With 4 weeks to go until EMF, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to get my body ready for the challenge ahead with a few runs on consecutive days this weekend.

Running on consecutive days has been a staple part of my marathon training for a few years now and when I got a call a few weeks ago from Rob from Macmillan asking if Allison and I wanted to do the Balmoral 10k, we jumped at the chance. It’s always good to get a competitive race in as part of race training and as it started at 2pm, it gave me a glorious opportunity to run in the morning before the race and still do my Sunday run.

I got up and ran an easy 5k on Saturday morning, had a PT session with a client, taught Metafit then began the journey up to Balmoral a short time later. The journey can be quite long due to the winding road most of the way, particularly when you head north of Blairgowrie. You’re met with absolutely stunning scenery when you get near Glenshee and some twisting roads so not a good idea to be in a rush when you pass this area if you’re not good at traveling!

The race itself was brilliant! Great organisation in every aspect of the race and a very good route. The hill that’s Balmoral 10kbecome infamous in this race comes after the 2 mile mark and winds it’s way up for most of a mile and then you get to enjoy a nice downhill stretch for most of the way afterwards. Training around Perth usually means you are faced with a hill at some point and so I was well prepared for this and actually had a sense of “is this it?” when I got to the top. I crossed the line in 43mins 30secs and I was pleased with my pace throughout and the burst in the last 100m although my legs did feel a bit weary late on. I felt my recovery was pretty good afterwards but the drive home was harder and I needed the rest when we did get home.

Getting up this morning was a bit of a challenge as I hadn’t slept that well last night and so it was time to get ready and get out there for run number 3 of the weekend. I decided to do a Threshold Pace Interval session as I recognise that I need to work on my speed between now and Edinburgh and this style of training, which used to be a standard part of my training a few years ago, is very effective. The good thing about it is that’s all relative to how you’re feeling on any particular day and so while the first few reps were at a reasonably good pace, fatigue kicked in over the next few and I managed to complete the session very well. Another good thing about is that’s a good way to eat up the miles without realising it as my 12 reps this morning clocked up 14.59 miles, more than what I would’ve considered doing if I’d just gone for a standard run.

My thoughts now turn to Edinburgh and this weekend’s experience is guiding me towards compression socks to help with recovery and also drinks/bars/gels to fuel me between races as well as during. You never stop learning!

I’m doing all these crazy runs as part of my bigger Paris to Loch Ness Challenge to raise money for Macmillan in memory of my dad who lost his battle with cancer last year. The journey I’m doing and the short-term aches and pains from running doesn’t even come close to the journey those who are diagnosed with cancer go on and my aim is to help Macmillan provide support for those on that journey and also their families. If you enjoy my ramblings, please sponsor me by clicking on the link below and help me help make a positive difference to someone’s life. Thank you

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