It’s been an interesting week in training. I’ve found getting up at 5am to go for a run pretty easy to do and enjoying the buzz of going to work feeling energised. I also found myself looking forward to a speed session on Tuesday morning although by Tuesday afternoon I remembered how horrible speed sessions are as I was walking in an awkward way and struggling to keep pace with a pensioner! It’s been a while!

Everything was going well until Saturday when my body reminded me it hadn’t had enough rest after Paris. I had done 8 miles early on, done a training session with a client, taught a Metafit class and by the time I got home, I felt really awful. I lay on the couch and slept for a bit, went out for lunch before coming home again and slept a bit longer on the couch in the afternoon. I originally thought about what I’d eaten or maybe it was because I hadn’t taken time to rest on Thursday or Friday afternoons but Allison reminded me I probably hadn’t recovered enough from Paris. This seems more likely.

Under normal circumstances I tend to take a couple of weeks off, at least, after a marathon to recover and decide what my next race is going to be however, this time it’s different as I’ve got the Edinburgh Marathon Festival coming up in 5 weeks time and somehow my body decided it wanted to get back into training just a few days after the last one. The body goes through a lot of trauma running 26.2 miles and tends to respond well to a period of complete rest although I think in this case, my head had already put Paris in the past and started thinking about what I needed to do to be ready to tackle the half and full marathons back to back in May.

My learning? My body now recognises it is already up to running a marathon so it doesn’t need to work quite as hard to be ready to run the next one. I scrapped my plan to do some pace work today and ran an easy 10k with my friend Graeme and it actually felt like the best thing. I felt good all the way round and felt great when I finished so I feel much more relaxed, happy and now ready to fit in some quality runs over the next few weeks so I feel ready for the challenge ahead.

Top Tip: If you’ve just run a marathon, ALWAYS allow your body to rest for at least a couple of weeks and don’t be daft enough to head out for a run a few days later even though your head says it’s a good idea!

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