It feels like it’s taken an age to get here but finally we’re underway and every mile counts from now on. Paris, like any other marathon when you start training, seemed so long away and you only tend to notice when you finish your last big run and the taper begins.

I had quite an interesting mindset shift whilst running in Paris in that I’ve always been used to giving my all in the race then looking forward to a period of recovery before deciding what my next race would be but this time it was different as this was only the beginning and I would have to run the whole distance again in a few weeks after having raced a half marathon immediately before it. I didn’t realise it at the time but I believe my decision to go with how my body felt over the last 10/11 miles after the battery on my Garmin died came from that realisation that this race wasn’t the be all and end all and that I would need to get back into training reasonably quickly to prepare for Edinburgh.

Since last weekend, I managed to get in a wee jog from my studio back home at lunchtime on Wednesday and have continued to jog the same journey on a daily basis since then. In considering how I would form my training from now on, my body felt it wanted to get up earlier on Friday to run 5k and so it looks like this will be a daily occurrence with Metafit counting as intervals during the week, a heart-rate distance run on Saturdays followed by a Threshold pace interval run on Sundays. My Metafit class at Gleneagles has been scrapped for the time being due to low numbers and while I’m disappointed to lose that class, I feel I will benefit more in my training from not having that to go on to do on Sundays.

While the concept of the training required now to complete the task of 4 races in 2 days at the end of May is daunting, I feel that my mind and body are changing themselves to come up with a reasonable plan and so far it feels quite easy to adapt to. Paris seems a long time ago now!

I am looking forward to the journey (and the miles) ahead of me and becoming a better person in myself as well as a better runner and hopefully the goals I had in mind for Paris will become reality by the time I line up for my last race at Loch Ness in September. I might actually perform better.

One thing that comes with marathon training, you always end up a different person at the end of it than you were when you started.

Happy Running!


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