For the last 2 weeks I’ve tried going running from Gleneagles before my Metafit class but today I decided to go back to basics and go on one of my all-time favourite routes. I also decided to freshen up the playlist on my iPod by adding in some of my all-time favourite running songs. Did it make a difference? Yes and no. Yes in that it felt easier on familiar ground and no because I ran the first 9 miles quite hard (which is probably why it felt so good) and slowed down over the last 7. The good news is though, when I stopped at 16 I felt I could’ve kept on going.

My favourite route around Perth goes from our flat in the town centre, up the Glasgow Road, up Necessity Brae past Aviva’s offices and out to Aberdalgie before cutting across to Craigend with stunning views across the valley. We come back in the Edinburgh Road before coming down onto Shore Road past the harbour and into town. Effectively the first 3 miles are mostly uphill before a stretch which is the running equivalent of a rollercoaster with its array of climbs and dips. When I reached 9 miles, I crossed the Queens Bridge then headed out on another favourite route – the Scone loop. With this loop, there’s a choice of a gradual climb for most of the way to Scone or go downhill for a bit before a steep climb from across the road from Scone Palace up into Scone. I chose the latter as I quite like short, sharp climbs and the knowing that most of the journey from there is downhill.

One thing I’m starting to enjoy is the slightly milder weather and less reliance on several layers and hi-vis! Adidas Supernova short tightsThis morning, it was great to be out in lycra shorts with thermal base layer and top although I felt a bit too warm with the base layer on. I wore my new Adidas Supernova short tights that i bought earlier in the week and I must say they’re very impressive! I prefer these kind of shorts to regular shorts and what makes these even better is that there are little pockets on the each side for gels as well as the regular pocket at the back. They felt great on and with a gel in each of the side pockets and one in the back, it didn’t feel like there was any additional weight which wasn’t the case with a previous pair of Nike shorts.

The time today was nothing special by the end of the run. I got carried away in the first 9 miles on hills due to feeling great on a familiar route, old favourite running songs and also I had an espresso before I left the flat! Works a treat! What was curious though was that I ran better on the hilly bits then had no pace on the flat bits. I hope that’s a one off as there aren’t that many hills on the Paris marathon route!

Overall, I’m happy with the distance I’m covering but the pace remains a concern but that’s something I can work on between now and race day in 4 weeks.

Here’s my song of the day:

What’s your favourite piece of running kit or song?


2 thoughts on “The old ones are the best

  1. My favourite kit is my 2XU compression gear: tights for winter running and calf sleeves for the summer. The compression definitely seems to be speeding my recovery after my long runs.
    My all-time favourite running song is Gabriella Cilmi’s “On a Mission” after it spurted me round my first ever marathon, but I’m currently loving Katy Perry’s “Roar” as well.


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