Last week I had the brilliant idea to run from Gleneagles so it would be easier to go straight into my Metafit class there afterwards and thanks to the ‘challenging’ windy conditions, I had to speed up in the last 5 miles to make it back in time for the class.

This week, I figured the conditions wouldn’t be quite as bad so decided to head back there again and try 18 miles. I got up a bit earlier and headed out there for 7am so I would have time to spare in the event of a repeat of last week. It started out really nice and the road from Gleneagles to Braco is flat for a mile or two then undulating for the next 2 miles. I decided to change the route a big from last week and follow the road to Comrie. I was told this is quite a nice road and a change from the hilly road to Muthill I took last week. The scenery out this way is really stunning with its rolling hills and I know it would be even better on a clear day than the mix of clouds including rain ones spoiling the view in the distance this morning. The road out that way is indeed nice but this one had a gradual climb for about 2 miles rather than the short sharp climb I enjoyed last week. It makes a change but I actually prefer the roads around Perth that I know well and can measure my pace better with.

All was going well until I had what all runners dread – a bit of tummy trouble just after 12 miles and required an urgent trip behind a nearby tree. These things can be caused by a number of things and I suspect having a beer last night watching Allison perform with Perth Symphony Orchestra, the late night, having cereal for breakfast instead of oatcakes with peanut butter are likely culprits. This enforced stop knocked me off my stride and I found it hard to pick up the pace again.

I got to 17 miles ok, feeling reasonably good despite being further off the pace I was hoping to be at, and I checked the time, realised I had plenty of time before my class so I decided to keep on going and get to 20 miles. I ran round the perimeter of Gleneagles before heading back up the main drive. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as long as I thought it might be and arrived back at the front of the hotel at 19.60 miles. Being slightly OCD with this, I ran back and forward on the drive in front of the hotel and in front of some slightly bemused guests as I wanted to get to 20 mile mark.

Have you ever found yourself doing a few ‘bonus’ drills outside your house to get your run up to a round number on your Garmin?

I was delighted to have reached 20 miles although I paid for it afterwards when I could barely bend my legs to demonstrate leg exercises in my Metafit class, to the amusement of the rest of the class! One thing that did stick out was I’m going to need to up the ante a bit in training in order to get closer to target pace for Paris. Off the top of my head, my training plan for the coming week will be something like this:

Monday – Metafit x 2 (minimal effort in both classes to allow my legs to recover)
Tuesday – 8 miles at race pace or Km drills on the road outside my studio
Wednesday – Early morning run with PT client (3 miles avg), Metafit x 2 (maximal effort in one, coach the other)
Thursday – Rest with light jog at my Running Club in the evening
Friday – Metafit (full on effort)
Saturday – Metafit (minimal effort), jog through Running Club
Sunday – 18 miles before my Metafit class

In order to get everyone working to their best at Metafit, I need to be able to do it also so it might just be that my long runs will have to stay at 18 miles and through in some extra effort elsewhere in the week. I normally rest on Tuesdays but will need to add in another run.

With 5 weeks to race day, I’m pleased with what I achieved today and look forward to this week’s training then see what improvements I can make next Sunday.

Happy Running!

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