Sometimes we are blessed with good weather when we go for a run, sometimes we are blessed with perfect conditions. Today we weren’t blessed with either of those. It was, however, one of those days where you can feel pretty smug to say you went out and feel truly hardcore as a result.

I’ve not had much success at trying to get out for a run this week, apart from my weekly training sessions with a client up Kinnoull Hill, and Sunday is long run day for me and I wanted to run a bit further than last week and aimed for 15 miles. It can be pretty hard to fit in additional training when exercise is your job and teaching classes almost every day although I know that teaching Metafit helps but I seldom get a chance to see how much it actually helps me.

I decided last night that for my 15 miles, it might be easier to head out to Gleneagles early and run from there for a change. I mapped out a route last night that seemed easy enough to follow then got up early, packed my bag and off I went. It seemed pretty good conditions when I left the flat and jumped into the car but then the weather changed as I got closer to Auchterarder and was even worse by the time I arrived at Gleneagles. Not only was it now raining, but there were some pretty strong winds too! This seemed to be instantly falling into the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ and ‘character building’ categories.

The first mile seemed fine then as soon as I passed all the trees, I was met with some pretty strong cross-winds. When I say pretty strong, I mean strong enough that you can’t hear the music from your iPod! I wasn’t familiar with the area I was running in and so had no idea that there would be no shelter from the wind until I got to the last mile. Despite all of this, I actually felt pretty good and anytime there was respite from the wind, my pace dropped pretty quickly.

I had thoughts of maybe grabbing an extra mile or two at the end until I looked at my watch at 10 miles only to see that I had little more than 45 minutes before my class was due to start. Nothing quite like having additional pressure! I was delighted I was able to pick up the pace and hold it the rest of the way and got back to the hotel in 32 minutes. My split times showed that I ran mile 15 only 3 seconds slower than mile 1 and not only that but I worked out that if I can maintain my average pace to the end of the marathon then I have a pretty good chance of getting my target time.

Happy Running!


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