After a week of being held back by cold symptoms and a slight cough, it was great to blow off a few cobwebs this morning and get a good run in. I managed around 6-7 miles last Sunday and so I wanted to push it a bit further and decided to aim for around 10. Even though I haven’t run much during the week, I know the endurance is there from teaching Metafit.

I decided to revisit one of all-time favourite routes around Perth, which follows the long climb up Necessity Brae beside Aviva, out to Aberdalgie, across to Craigend along the Kirkton of Mailer road, back into Perth along the Shore Road. My car was parked at my studio and was roughly at 8 miles when I arrived there so I continued along the Shore Road, along Tay Street to the bottom of the High Street then back to King James to get the car. I always tell my clients to listen to their bodies when they’re running and I did the same myself by keeping going for another mile as I felt pretty good. The pace wasn’t important to me so I relaxed into it quicker.

It’s amazing what you see sometimes when you don’t have a camera with you and I enjoyed a beautiful wintry scene over some fields partially hidden by the freezing fog and then in another area, a lovely red sky making an appearance. I switched off my iPod during this time so I could enjoy the scenery and also connect with, and say thanks to, my dad. He introduced me to running and I wanted to say thanks for helping me get to where I am now and tell him about all the things I’m looking forward to see happen this year. Remembering a loved one who had since passed doesn’t have to be tinged with sadness, it can be the most powerful conversation you have. After it, I felt my pace lift a bit as I continued on my way.

When I finished, it was time to grab my stuff and head to Gleneagles to teach my weekly Metafit class. My legs felt like lead weights during it and the memories of teaching it last summer after my long runs preparing for Loch Ness came flooding back. I know how much of a difference doing this made to my performance in the marathon so in a way, it felt great!

It’s great to be back!

Happy running 🙂

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